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Positivity as a driving force

Raphaëlle de Truchis

Communication Fundraising and Partnership Team leader

TDC Sangam Vihar, India

For me, agility is finding the best way to exist as you are, in interaction with all the people you cross. As you are with your personality, your objectives, your knowledge, your day-to-day emotions, your fears. But all this moves day by day. And the change is amplified with the interaction with other human beings, that have other personalities, other objectives, other knowledge, other fears. Agility is to be open to the change, with the limits of the respect to others, and not suffering of the situation yourself. And who is putting the limit? YOU!

I found it interesting to compare LP4Y’s identity to a human being:

• very flexible because LP4Y is full of all the personalities part of the movement: Youth, Catalysts, ambassadors, partners, families and individuals of the local community

• 1 objective: improve the Youth inclusion to build a more equal and sustainable world

• Knowledge at its summit: the famous TOGETHER WE CAN, working thanks to the combination of everyone's skills, special interests and motivation, a big puzzle where everyone finds its own space to grow.

• coupled with no ego, no fears.

During the crisis, I was just amazed by all the positive changes that had been built with the addition of the agility of everyone. If LP4Y is not a person, it definitely has something to do with agility. LP4Y keeps on moving with its time and with the changing professional world, so let's keep on being agile and take the best positive things we have inside us to go forward together. Thank you all for what you bring to LP4Y.



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