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  • Yair Lynn’s story

    My name is Yair Lynn Naing. I live in Hlaing Thar Yar Tsp. I am part of LP4Y Stars club (alumni from LP4Y program) and I am working in CMA Ships Myanmar as an administrative officer. Here is my story from LP4Y to CMA: how did I join LP4Y, how did LP4Y help me to get a job. Before I joined LP4Y, I was a worker in a market and it was very tiring. I did not want to work in that job. I wanted to work somewhere where I can improve my life. One day, a woman came and informed my mom I could join LP4Y, explaining that it is an organization helping excluded Youth living in poor areas. I am very grateful that my Mom allowed me to quit my previous job and join LP4Y. When I joined LP4Y, the training center was in a monastery in Hlaing Thar Yar. For 9 months, I went to LP4Y center every day from Tuesday to Saturday, learning and working on our small business. LP4Y gave us allowance for breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, hygiene products, professional attire and mobile phone. Thanks for donating LP4Y! LP4Y also helped me to learn how to write a cover letter and resume. I did not know how to write it before. After 2 months in LP4Y, I went to CMA Ships Myanmar for a 10-day internship. I finished the LP4Y program during the COVID pandemic and started searching for a decent job. During the COVID, even if we could not open our center, LP4Y continued to train Youth through video conferencing. I am very grateful for that because if the program had stopped, I would have not been able to find a job. For almost two years, I worked in other companies, hoping that CMA Ships would hire me. And I finally got a job! I still remember the day the manager in CMA called me and said: "Hello Yair Lynn, when can you start to work in our company?" I was so happy to hear that. I started my job at CMA Ships on April 1, 2022. The employees are professional, confident, hardworking, patient, and also good at English. I learned these skills from them. The management of CMA is one of the best I ever experienced. I am so happy to work there because that was my target job. There is no discrimination or corruption in CMA. While working here, I am learning English step by step. Getting better is my challenge now! Thank you LP4Y and donors for helping the poor Youth in Myanmar when we are hopeless. Together we can!

  • Bridging Dreams: A Coaching Journey of Gratitude

    Sandra Halabi's testimony - former coach at LP4Y Lebanon I still vividly remember my first visit to the Training and Development Center of Bourj Hammoud. The narrow streets, the warm and welcoming greetings of the shopkeepers made me feel as if I had known them forever. When I stepped into TDC Beirut, I had a deep sense that it wouldn't be my last and just one-time visit. My arrival coincided with the C4C program, where I witnessed over 40 small children receiving training from inspiring young ladies. Their responsibility and multitasking abilities left a lasting impression. As my days passed during my coaching mission with LP4Y, my initial impression continued to grow. One of the things I admired in my mission is the "Home Visits" which usually give us a chance to see the environment where the youth are living. I was always amazed by the kind-hearted parents who spoke warmly about LP4Y and their gratitude for the opportunities it provided to their children. Their stories never fail to mark an impact on my personal life like the one I will share below. Upon entering the home of Sidra, a youth at TDC Beirut, her mother warmly greeted me with an embrace, making me feel like her own daughter, despite our first meeting. As I prepared to sit with Sidra's family on a small carpet, a little girl, not more than 5 years old, ran over and hugged me tightly, providing a beautiful interruption filled with love. The mother expressed her gratitude for the opportunities her daughter had received through LP4Y. However, her focus remained on her children and the hardships they endured, having fled from war-torn Syria to Lebanon. I was deeply moved, listening to her story and empathizing with her experiences, amazed by her resilience. In response, I asked a simple yet profound question: "And you Fattoum (her name), how do you feel?" With a small, heartfelt smile and tears in her eyes, she looked at me and said, "I am good now. Do you know what my dream is?" Her response caught me by surprise, and I felt a mix of emotions as I inquired further about her dream. She answered without hesitation, "My dream is to find someone who can write down my life story because I am illiterate, and I believe that what I have lived deserves to be shared. It’s like a movie!" Her words left me both curious about her story and apprehensive about what I might hear. I may not possess the writing skills to effectively convey all the information that Fattoum shared with me to the audience. However, if you happen to know a proficient writer or someone talented in crafting documentaries, I am more than willing to facilitate the connection between Fattoum and that person. I wish I could articulate my emotions more precisely, but all I can say is that I deeply appreciate the opportunity to share with you this story and play a significant role in bridging Fattoum's dream. I did not expect better than this ending to wrap up my coaching journey in LP4Y which was absolutely full of gratitude and inspiration! For inquiries:

  • Coaching Youth at the Green Village Nepal: a deep learning experience

    My name is Louise and I joined LP4Y for several reasons, but the one that pushed me the most to go to the other side of the world was to learn. And I learned a lot more than I could have hoped for. Instead of telling you about my experience as a coach at GV Nepal, I am going to share with you the speech I gave to the Youth and my colleagues at my last Graduation ceremony at GV Nepal. It was one of the most emotional moments of my 13 months as a coach. More than one tear was shed (myself first). "Dear Catalyst, dear Youth, It is not without emotion, as you can imagine, that I speak in front of you. You know as well as I do, that speeches are not my specialty, but I will try. I have with me Pabitra who will act as a translator for this speech. I will go slowly, don't worry. It has been 10 months I am with you in Nepal, far away from my family, my friends, from everything I know. It has been 10 months of happiness, of challenges, of learning, of growth. Saying goodbye to my colleagues who are also my friends is so, so hard. I don’t want to say goodbye, actually it will just be a see you soon! I want to say see you soon, Megha in your future shelter in India or Nepal, Maria in Nepal at the Government to make your country grow, Aashmani driving a car wherever you want in the world, Beauty in India at your wedding with someone you love, Puja in Nepal being a trekking guide and helping as much people as you can and Morgane in Bretagne drinking tea with your dogs remembering our good memories. I will miss you so much. All of you. I want to truly thank you for being there for me at every moment, to be like my family 7,000 km from my house, to make me feel like home, and the most important: I want to thank you for your delicious dinner! And you dear Youth of Nepal, how can I say goodbye to you? To be a Coach here? I struggle a lot when I arrive, and also during my mission. I remember me, 10 month ago completely lost in this Green Village. Manisha and Megha did the handover, I was not understanding their English, I had to handle 2 micro-companies, without knowing what is a micro-company! I had to fill a cashbook without knowing what is a cashbook, to make a budget balance without knowing what is a budget balance! I was very, very lost. When I see every month the new Batch arriving, I can see myself 10 month ago. And after a few months, I was feeling more comfortable in my mission, every day I was talking better English, I was understanding more about how to be a Coach. There were moments where I was feeling so good about my mission and other moments where I struggled so much. I had difficulty communicating with you, to make myself understand, to push you to give the best of yourself. It was not an easy task. But I learned everyday. I learned so, so much thanks to all of you. Every time you say "thank you Coach", "I learn so much here"... You have to know that as a Coach I learned even more from you. I learned how to truly listen to someone, how to speak in public, how to explain something, how to handle the finance part of 2 micro-companies, how to speak English, and "tole tole Nepali". I also learned about myself, what kind of person I am and what I want to be, what I like, what I want, what I want to do after this experience. Thank you for teaching me what it is to be resilient, brave, hardworker, kind, smart, helpful… Thank you to all of you for trusting me and sharing with me your story, thanks to you I have another perspective of the world, I understand better which kind of world I am living in. For you Batch 26, it is the end of your training. I remember the first Guidance with you, it was a BIG struggle for me! To make you enjoy and learn during the Guidance. And now, I see you making a speech in front of 30 people with such confidence! You can be so proud of yourself, it is amazing. It is the end of something but the beginning of a new thing, same as for me. You may be afraid, like me, but it’s ok. We are strong, motivated and smart, so we will do it. We are together, you have to know that Green Village Nepal will be always be happy to welcome you as a Star or just as a former Youth. Never give up on your dream, you are ready to bring something to this world. Never forget to dream big, never give up, never let people make you doubt yourself. You have so many capacities, abilities, don’t be afraid to use it because you are a woman, because you come from an excluded background or for any other reason. Be the person you want to be. Don’t be afraid. You can do it. Thank you."

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  • LEBANON | LP4Y Stories

    LEBANON LP4Y Stories in COUNTRY LEBANON CONTINENT ASIA CAPITAL BEIRUT CURRENCY LEBANESE POUND ​ LANGUAGES ARABIC, FRENCH LP4Y LEBANON'S KEY FIGURES: ​ OPENED IN 2020 LP4Y CENTERS 1 TDC 1 GV More about LP4Y Lebanon 1/12 ALL LP4Y STORIES IN LEBANON Bridging Dreams: A Coaching Journey of Gratitude Sandra Halabi's testimony - former coach at LP4Y Lebanon I still vividly remember my first visit to the Training and Development Center... Life Project Plan Presentations Have you thought of your own Life Project Plan? The Life Project Plan invites the Youth to question themselves about the goals they would... Entrepreneurs' Day Reportage In January 2023, every center of Life Project 4 Youth had celebrated Entrepreneurs Day : the final graduation of the Youth who finished... Return to LP4Y center, 7 months after going back to France. Isaline - Former Nepal Coordinator Last week, I had the chance to go back to an LP4Y center but this time in Beirut. What a joy to be... When the family supports you to reach your goal and realise your dreams ! At the very beginning, when I was little I dreamed of being an important man in society, helping people and being responsible. At school,... Ola Androun- New President of the Stars Club of Green Village Lebanon Ola, the President of the Stars Club GVL shares about her new position and actions in Lebanon! My end of mission at LP4Y Elisabeth shares about the end of her LP4Y mission after 3 years in India, France and Lebanon! Corporate Survey 2021 Clementine Turgeon The year 2021 marked the second year of the covid-19 pandemic. Even though we were by then more used to the... General Electrics's Talent Week in Lebanon General Electric and the TDC Beirut participated in the 3rd edition of the Talent Week! 1 2 3 4

  • SUBSCRIBE | LP4Y Stories

    SUBSCRIBE: Get inspired by the stories I agree to the terms & conditions View terms of use SIGN UP Thanks for subscribing! A monthly email to receive news from the field, get inspired by portraits of Youth and Catalysts, discover LP4Y events, and much more...

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