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The YIN explained by its coordinator

Lilas Arquillière, YIN Coordinator, Entrepreneurs House in Taguig, Philippines

Who are you?

Hello! I am Lilas Arquillière, I am 26 and I come from Dijon in France. I was project manager in a communication agency in Lyon but I wanted to have more social and intercultural aspects in my job, that is why I applied to Life Project For Youth (LP4Y).

Today I live in Manila, in The Philippines, in one LP4Y center. It is very close to the slums to allow the Youth to come everyday to attend their 9-month professional training and despite the noise, I really appreciate living in my place. I started my mission as Youth Inclusion Network (YIN) coordinator in February 2020, one month before the lockdown.

What is the YIN?

The Youth Inclusion Network (YIN) is a network of companies willing to reduce poverty

and act for the inclusion of Youth from underprivileged backgrounds.

Initiated by Life Project For Youth (LP4Y) Foundation in 2015, the YIN is active in The Philippines, in Vietnam and soon in Nepal and India. The YIN members (= the companies) organise professional activities for the Youth as company visits, mock interview sessions, professional trainings, and they also propose job or internship offers to the excluded Youth from the NGOs partner of the YIN.

To be part of the YIN, the members commit to organise at least one professional action per year for the excluded Youth. It is the only requirement to join the YIN, otherwise it is totally free.

This video can help you to understand more how the YIN is working.

What are your missions?

As YIN coordinator I am in link with the companies member of the YIN (especially HR or CSR managers and Directors) to:

> help them to organise professional activities and ensure the registration of the Youth

> communicate their job or internship offers to the excluded Youth and transmit the applications

> organise events towards Youth inclusion to allow the companies to share their experiences and best practices in order to inspire the other ones and allow some collaborations between the members.

I am also managing the communication of the YIN and the recruitment of new members (= companies) and partners (= actors working with excluded Youth). I also like to spend time with the Youth by providing some trainings or collective guidance to understand better their needs and be able to give ideas of actions to the companies.

How did you adapt your activities to the COVID crisis?

In The Philippines the lockdown is very strict, today we are still in quarantine so the physical meetings are not allowed and most of the people work from home. Fortunately, most of the YIN members stayed involved and we found digital ways to continue the activities despite the situation. Since March 2020, we have organised:

> +110 online mock interviews via Zoom or Google Meet

> 4 pre-recorded professional training via videos hosted on YouTube

> 6 professional trainings provided in live by a facilitator on Microsoft Teams

> 1 virtual company visit

And there were also a few hiring and internship opportunities.

Can you tell some achievements you are proud of?

With the LP4Y Vietnam team, we organised an afterwork both in physical and virtual ways. I was in Manila while the event was in Ho Chi Minh City, and as I could not travel I did my presentation on Google Meet, broadcasted on a big screen during the event. The team onsite in Ho Chi Minh was helping me to coordinate the event and we even succeeded to have testimonies of deaf and mute Youth signed translated in live. There were a lot of technical aspects to organise but the event went smoothly and I was very happy to see the YIN members gathered. I am also very proud each time we organise an event with a company because the Youth have always very good feedback, they really like to ask questions and learn from the professionals.

If you are interested, convinced or just curious about Youth inclusion, you are more than welcome to contact me:

Lilas Arquilliere

Youth Inclusion Network (YIN) - Coordinator

Tel: (+63) 919 502 2743 / Whatsapp: (+33) 6 28 68 02 07


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