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Thank you message to the partners during the covid-19 crisis

The covid-19 crisis is surely not over and there are many remaining challenges. LP4Y innovates to cope with the social and economical consequences on the communities and with the current and future transformation of the job market. It is now time to look forward and work hard to adapt the actions for Youth professional and social integration.

Yet, many creative initiatives have already been implemented for and with the Youth to overcome all together this unprecedented situation.

Since the beginning of the lockdown and closure of all LP4Y centers on March 14th, 648 Young adults remained fully morally and financially supported by their coach, 884 Stars alumni of the program and former dropped-out were exceptionally financially supported to face their job loss and price flash, the coaches turned to an adapted distanced pedagogy, the Digital project team operated the test phase of the e-learning and networking platform Digital Inc. and got everything ready for a global launch in November, LP4Y Stories were created, the Youth and Catalysts united their strength to support other organizations providing services to help the excluded communities… and so many other great actions that have shown the power of the Catalysts effect.

All those achievements could not have been possible without the support of the strong LP4Y ecosystem.

Considering that not to support the Youth was not an option, LP4Y had to raise special crisis funds to maintain the actions without jeopardizing the many future projects for the social and professional inclusion of excluded Young adults living in extreme poverty in Asia and soon in Europe.

Many of our global and local partners responded positively and chose to stand by LP4Y and thus to stand by each excluded Young adult accompanied.

To those incredible partners, THANK YOU from all LP4Y members!

Together let’s continue to bridge the gap between the decent and the excluded worlds.

Throughout the crisis, LP4Y chose to pursue its mission and maintained its daily support to the Youth. Here is a detailed report of actions carried out during the crisis and an assessment of their impact:



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