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How to organize November meetings in Europe and Asia?

November meetings in Europe and Asia required great organization. Elisabeth Josnin and Carla Lopez led this great project.

Carla Lopez, Elisabeth Josnin,

Communication Fundraising and Partnerships


In November and May, Life Project 4 Youth organizes yearly information meetings in Europe, in the UK as well as in the US. The goal is to get partners and sympathizers to know more about local achievements from the year and put forward new perspectives for the year to come. This field immersion, which is at the very heart of LP4Y projects, is a great opportunity for all the ecosystem to exchange ideas and discuss.

This year, for the first time, those meetings were held on the field in Asia. Youth and Catalysts welcomed local partners in their centers digitally. They shared their experiences during this particular year and discussed projects to be implemented specifically in their cities.


In total, 16 meetings were held in 9 countries of action of LP4Y (Philippines, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Luxembourg, Belgium, France and England) in the course of November. Those meetings gathered digitally numerous actors with more than 500 connections. The American meeting will take place in January 2021.


Youth, Catalysts on the field, in Europe and in the US, Alliance’ volunteers: all of them got greatly involved in this project.


The challenge was serious: we wanted to offer a full digital immersion in LP4Y centers. To do so, 30 videos were rolled by a 3 members team of catalysts. The discovery of Life Project Centers, Green Villages and Training and Development Centers, as well as the introduction of recent initiatives like the e-learning platform Digital Inc, brought the whole LP4Y ecosystem together despite social distancing.


Those meetings offered the chance to tell the story of more than 900 people working within the same organization. Together, they managed to work together towards youth professional inclusion despite this year's great stakes.

Next meetings will be held in May 2021.



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