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Youth Empowerment Success Stories: Rima and Khadija's story

Meet Rima and Khadija, two young women from the TDC of Dhaka in Bangladesh, whose lives have been transformed with the support of LP4Y.

2 young women sitting on a red chair. Covered in a hijab, they testify before the camera. In the background, we see the buildings of their neighborhoods and a few trees.
On the left, it's Rima, she works for Edaza. On the right, Khadija, Customer care in Dhaka Bazar Bangladesh

Let's start with Khadija, a motivated and determined 18-year-old woman aspiring for success. In 2022, she started her LP4Y journey by dedicating six months immersing herself in several skills-building activities within the organization. From mobilization initiatives to communication exercises, Khadija honed her professional project and built the foundations of her future success.

When she bid farewell to LP4Y in August 2022, it marked the beginning of a new chapter for Khadija. She moved on to a dynamic role at Dhaka Bazar, a major online retail giant. Today, Khadija manages customer relations, processes orders and handles e-mail correspondence - a testament to the tangible skills acquired through LP4Y's training program.

And then there is Rima, 18-year-old too, whose journey with LP4Y has unfolded in a similar way. LP4Y has become a landmark for her, by offering training in public speaking, IT and professional communication. Today, she is contributing to the success of an online shop that sells watches, where she has spent the last four months looking after customer relations, communication strategies and order management.

LP4Y played a important role in facilitating their transition into the professional world. The advice of LP4Y's Catalysts acted as essential support, guiding them through the difficulties of developing compelling career plans. The impact on the Youth empowerment is very positive and promising for the future. They are now in a position to progress independently and develop professionally.



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