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Overview of the life of the Youth, the Community and the Catalysts of Sangam Vihar, Delhi. How do they adapt to the special life conditions of the lockdown.

Tarik Toudert, 24, Coach, Laetitia Hra, 26, PL Partnership, Salomé Jacqui, 25, Coach, Clémence Laulan, 30, PL MEI, Sangam Vihar, Delhi, India

Sonu, Shopkeeper, Delhi, India

Rajesh, Chemist (Pharmacy owner), Delhi, India,

Soni Khan, 20, Autonomy step, Khazana 2, Sangam Vihar, Delhi, India

Boby Khan, 20, Responsibility step, Khazana 1, Sangam Vihar, Delhi, India



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