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The Youth, leaders of tomorrow !

Sumit Singh,

Rugby & SRFA Leader,

Decathlon Atria (Mumbai)

My name is Sumit Singh, I am a Rugby & SRFA City Leader in Decathlon Atria Mumbai.

Decathlon and LP4Y are partners for many years in India and have developed a lot of different initiatives regarding the professional inclusion for excluded Youth. This pandemic situation forced us to stop our activities but it helped us to develop new ideas like organizing a digital workshop with different organizations who are working with excluded Youth.

This idea turns into reality and we had a wonderful digital workshop, jointly conducted by Decathlon along with LP4Y and Khelo Rugby (a non-governmental organization based in Kolkata)

The basic motto behind this workshop was to motivate the Youth and connect them across the culture. The reason why we chose LP4Y and Khelo Rugby is because these two organizations share the same goal as we also do : guiding and developing the younger generation to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The result has been a workshop gathering 50 Youths ! The participants have been separated in groups of five and certain questions were asked to them, like "what keeps you focused in life while also dealing with problems?" or "how do you motivate yourself to get work done even after failing again and again?"

Through this workshop, the Young adults got motivated and started believing more in themselves as we could see the smiling faces at the end of the workshop. Moreover, it was the opportunity to develop their IT skills by using a video conference application and practised their professional behaviour.

In these harsh pandemic conditions, we are happy that through this kind of workshop we could bring a glimpse of a smile on their face.



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