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The Youth Inclusion Network (YIN): Let's work together for the future of the Youth!

Claire-Marie and Alexia tell us more about the Youth Inclusion Network and underline the importance of committed companies in the integration of excluded Young Adults.

Claire-Marie Beyet, Project Manager YIN Philippines

The Youth Inclusion Network : Let's work together for the future of the Youth!

The YIN is a network of companies committed to the inclusion of Youth from excluded backgrounds. The network brings together socially progressive companies that wish to reduce poverty and fight exclusion.

Created in March 2016, in the Philippines, at the initiative of Life Project For Youth Foundation, the YIN is now implanted in Vietnam (2018), Nepal and India (2021). Bangladesh, Europe and the USA may also soon join the network...

We are 2 Project Managers (PM) taking care of the network. Our main challenges? Recruiting new companies, answering to national and international needs from the companies (COVID-19 pandemic and employment for instance) and remaining as attractive as possible!

To date the YIN gathers 35 generous companies that are willing to increase the employment of the excluded youth, fight against exclusion and reduce poverty in general. Our role as PM is to interact with each company, to organise activities with them (company visits, training, mock interviews, …). A real life-changing experience as it allows us to prepare and facilitate Youth Inclusion while learning from all these companies (Ikea, Decathlon, Sodexo,...)!

The last international event we organised was in February, the opening of the YIN in India. 60 participants from different countries, some amazing testimonies from Youth and CEOs/HR on youth inclusion, and high level debates: the perfect combination for a successful event!

More recently, at a national level, we had the pleasure of organising with H&M Philippines a company visit for the Youth of multiples NGOs. This online event (COVID-19...) allowed 148 youth to take part in the visit!

For more details about this initiative and how to join it: -



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