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The Youth actors in the crisis resolution

Ebenezer Sudhaharan,

program Leader in Oasis,

Chennai (India)

Ebenezer Sudhaharan, a Program Leader in Oasis, in Chennai, shares with us his experience of work with the LP4Y Youth during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Covid-19 was scary for everyone, and along with it came the lockdown which became a bigger challenge for all rural and urban poor communities. Without jobs and income for days, the migrant populations started walking back to their natives and the urban poors began rationing their food supplies so that they could feed their family at least once a day. In this situation, I witnessed a group of youths from LP4Y rising up above these odds to help their community in every way possible. I was really challenged to see their commitment and their support in helping serve the community better.

Thanks to the Coaches and our existing relationship with LP4Y we were able to work together in this difficult situation. I was involved in networking with a few Non profit organizations working in the Kannaginagar community and was able to get support from few organizations to distribute ration kits and face masks. In the month of April, on the 11th we were able to distribute ration kits to 22 families (sponsored by Goodness Foundation) with the help of 4 Youth/Stars, on the 21st we were able to distribute 700 masks (sponsored by Roshni Trust), again with the help of 4 Youth/Stars, on the 23rd we were able to distribute ration kit to 380 families with the help of 6 Youth/Stars. During these distributions, the volunteers were involved in writing names, getting signatures, managing the beneficiaries, distributing tokens, taking photos etc… As Oasis we appreciate the support rendered to us through the Youth/Stars of LP4Y.

LP4Y has been systematically playing an active role in creating agents of change in the community through their coaching and programmes. I have personally seen and heard the challenges the coaches go through in the community and their sacrifice towards these Youth has been yielding good fruits and the Youth who graduate and become Stars (Alumni of the program) became more confident and are equipped enough to face the challenges they encounter both in their career and in general day-to-day living.

I would like to thank LP4Y and the team for their contribution towards the development of this community.



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