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Payatas Team : Waiting to leave !

Elise Fort, Léa Tyburn, Marion Hébert, Nina Boursier, Loïc Bougaran

LPC Payatas


Team Payatas : Waiting to leave !

We are the 5 future co-catalysts of the Payatas center, in the suburbs of Manila in the Philippines. We applied for LP4Y a few months ago. We were supposed to leave at the beginning of August, but you know what happened after : The pandemic, the lockdown, border shutdown …. Then, we are still in France, waiting to take off in the first plane to Manila !

While waiting to join the field, we met the other volunteers during remotely welcome weeks, digital meetings and a great gathering in the middle of the Blanc Mesnil. We dived as much as possible into our missions through WhatsApp and live calls with the youth. After a few weeks of exchanges with the “Team Payatas”, we decided to meet up because, as LP4Y stands, “together we can”. We spent a wonderful time together in our beautiful region, Brittany, in community life, demonstrating once again the importance of the solidarity Spirit of LP4Y. Let’s hope our resilience pays off and we can leave soon to the Philippines together!

Elise, Léa, Marion, Loïc and Nina, future Catalysts at the LPC Payatas.


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