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Noemie's journey at LP4Y

Noémie tells us more about how LP4Y made her feel alive in many ways!

Noémie Cabantous, Philippines

At 27, I changed my life. Now, could it be your turn? 

May 2020. In the midst of the pandemic, I needed liberty, optimism and I had a strong desire to get involved in a cause close to my heart: to show that everyone has their place in this world, and can aspire to a brighter future.

This is why, despite people telling me “you’re not 20 anymore” and “coming back surely will be difficult”, I joined Life Project 4 Youth, an international movement dedicated to the social and professional inclusion of Young Adults.

In the 77th episode of Nouvel Œil, Victoria Guillomon asks Arthur Auboeuf what advice he would like to give young people today.

Arthur is offering us a mediation. Close your eyes, project yourself old, bent, without energy, looking at nature through the window and asking with all your might "I would so love to go back to when I was 27, I would love it so much”.

Then open your eyes and feel this urge of energy, which pushes us to dare, explore, be free to finally say to ourselves “before being that old, I will first be that young!” ... To feel there, alive”.

As I joined LP4Y at 27, I had 1000 opportunities to feel alive!

  • Alive when sharing touching, funny and most of the time totally unpredictable moments with LP4Y Youth, their families and my colleagues in the slums areas of Dhaka and Manila.

  • Alive when I bursted into tears when the nth lockdown in Manila came up last summer, which canceled most of the actions I had worked on for months with partners in the Philippines.

  • Alive when I exploded with joy reading Wendy’s text, an alumni, who told me she just got her dream job for 4 years at Decathlon Philippines that will allow her to get out of poverty.

  • Alive when I saw Rhamzi’s look who realized, a few days before the end of his PTE, that his discretion was his best asset and that the other Youth appreciated his trustworthiness in team projects.

Today, I’m almost 29. I learnt that everything is possible, and that our experiences are what make us special.

At the end of this month, my LP4Y mission will be over. I will go back to France, to start a new project that fits me 100% and I never could have imagined 1 year ago!

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