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My end of mission at LP4Y

Elisabeth shares about the end of her LP4Y mission after 3 years in India, France and Lebanon!

Elisabeth Josnin

Someone proposed me to write something for the end of my mission in LP4Y. So I wrote a disorganized feelings/experiences/introspection text:

I started LP4Y experience in 2019, as a Coach in India. I then joined the Partnership & Fundraising team in 2020 and did a few months in France. Then I arrived in November 2020 in Lebanon to open a Green Village. And here I am, writing these words from Beirut, 1 week before the end of my 3 years contract.

In a few days I will move on. In a few days I won't be living in a flat with my friends and colleagues. In a few days I won't necessarily be talking about the Youth every day, living with them. In a few days I will leave WhatsApp groups and tricounts. In a few days I will move on.

The last three years have been wonderful. Discovering the interest of accompanying a Youth, discovering the true meaning of giving and receiving, discovering different cultures and being nourished by them, discovering new personalities that make us grow.

I feel extremely lucky to have been able to discover the Youth of India and Lebanon, to be able to witness their courage and will, to have witnessed extraordinary stories. And to have the image of these countries in my mind. I feel lucky to have lived these strong moments at 24 years old and to come out of it, grown up, at 27 years old.

And then what?

"What are you going to do when you get back? When are you going to come back? Would you start to establish your life?".

What does it mean to come back, to establish your life? And go back where anyway? I definitely can’t answer these questions.

Which reassures me is that these last three years have taught me that you can feel at home in surprising places and with unsuspecting people.

Being young and still having the pressure of time running out. So no, I wouldn't make my life choices based on the passage of time, because it passes, as usual, but I think it's been said enough: living in the moment is the key... And the moment is sometimes exciting, sometimes worrying, but it's true.

So maybe that's what being at the end of a mission means to me. To ask myself a lot of questions between two periods of my life, to be overwhelmed by a lot of emotions and to realize that this is the perfect opportunity to put into practice all that I have been able to repeat to the Youth these last years. So we continue, we move forward and we adapt.

I can't wait to see how the organisation will evolve, how it will continue this beautiful mission in this constantly changing world. Thank you for including me in this adventure.

And thank you to Clement, who accompanied me with heart and soul in this adventure with whom we started and ended this experience with a whole galaxy in our eyes and heart.



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