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Life Project Plan Presentations

Have you thought of your own Life Project Plan?

The Life Project Plan invites the Youth to question themselves about the goals they would like to reach in their life and supports them in building their own project. A key tool of LP4Y’s pedagogy, it encourages the Youth to take a step back, and allows them to dream big!

First, they get a grasp of their skills and qualities. Then, with the accompaniment of the coaches and the benevolent space, they realize all they already have achieved and what they are willing to improve. Finally, they set up an action plan to succeed in their short and long term goals, in order to achieve their dream one day!

Every year, the Youth organize two special events called "Life Project Plan Presentations" in all LP4Y centers, enabling them to share their projects with Youth and Catalysts. During these presentations, the Youth are out of their comfort zone and show their dedication, motivation and creativity to reach their dream!

Catalysts are also solicited to present their Life Project Plans. A great way to further their personal development, inspire the Youth and create stronger bonds between Youth and Catalysts.

No matter where you come from, no matter where you are now, your dreams are accessible. Look at the Youth, they are the existing proof!

Photo credits

TDC Cilincing - Stefanie presenting her LPP and group picture

TDC Yangon - group picture, Hnin Sandi Htay and Thae Su presenting their LPP

TDC Beirut - group picture and Hevarin presenting her LPP

TDC Payatas - group picture

TDC Lapu Lapu City Jail - dance and presentation

TDC Cebu - Alexia presenting her LPP

GV Calauan - Jenny presenting her LPP

TDC Iligan City Jail - flag ceremony



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