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I want to become an inspiring Catalyst

Tatianah shares about her mission in Delhi, and reflects on how daring is about believing in your dreams and challenge adversity!

Tatianah LARIOL, Alliance Communication Team,

Delhi, India

8,505 km away from France and 5,602 km away from India, I was born on the Red Island. My mother had me when she was 16 years old. Coming from a very modest family and facing many obstacles to (over)live every day, she had to fight to give me a future.

After a few years, we were lucky enough to be able to settle in France. For several months we were homeless, our beginnings were paved with obstacles, but with willpower and determination we built a place for ourselves outside the precariousness. So I will always remember those who helped us to build ourselves.

It's quite rare that I share my youth. There is still so much to tell but I'm not ready to share it yet, it's quite hard to put it in writing. After all, in adversity we mature very quickly and we develop a strength that drives us towards the life we aspire to.

As a child I had to learn to answer all my questions very quickly so with the intention of ensuring a better future, I shaped my Life Project Plan through 3 axes:

  • Investing 100% in my education. Certifications are not a reflection of a person's worth but in France it is a great security and a passport to employment for people with similar backgrounds to mine,

  • Enrich myself as much as possible with experience. Professional experiences to acquire technical and transversal skills, associative experiences to get involved in causes that are dear to me, and cultural experiences to develop my sense of creativity and self-improvement,

  • GIVE BACK. Giving back the chance I had, humbly sharing my advice and being a Catalyst of change.

In 2021, I joined LP4Y to give back. I wanted to be part of the movement and help people of my generation to follow their dreams!

Sangam Vihar's centre is located south of the ( big ) city of Delhi. When I started my mission, I had a strange feeling because India reminded me so much of Madagascar. I felt like I was stepping back in time: I felt like I was returning home as a foreigner and sharing the experiences of the young people accompanied by LP4Y.

On a daily basis, our centre can welcome about thirty young adults. They are accompanied by their coaches Pauline and Xavier towards a decent and sustainable professional and social integration. In addition to the coaches, the young adults can build projects with the other Catalysts present in their centre. Therefore, we have the opportunity to collaborate throughout our mission with these Entrepreneurs through workshops organised around different themes related to employability and personal development.

As a Catalyst I am part of the Communication and Studio team. With my two colleagues Laetitia and Christelle, I am in charge of the website, social media and the creation of communication materials. Our role is to convey a dynamic and professional image of LP4Y to the general public, financial partners, the press and members of the LP4Y Alliance.

In different projects designed with the young adults, we were able to put together a communication team. For example, on the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work we organised a job fair with professionals at the centre and a group was in charge of the promotion of the event, as well as the signage. The transfer of knowledge was not an easy task, on the one hand, because teaching is not for everyone and, on the other hand, because most of the young adults in training were new to the subject. In the end, we always reached a compromise and the results were beautiful! (ps: follow @train4changedelhi on Instagram)

The young adults of Sangam Vihar slum are very inspiring!

They dare to dream outside the contours of the society they grew up in.

They do not restrict their dreams to the preconceptions that are dictated to them.

They are full of hope and will.

They know where they want to go: that is the essence of coaching!

Finally, I hope that this LP4Y Story can be useful to those who feel alone in their adversity: you are not. There are many of us. Together by sharing, encouraging and inspiring each other we will build a better future.

Are we what our past has made us? Yes. However, we can choose to feel sorry for ourselves or make it a strength. Anything is possible if you give yourself the means to dream and act to make your dreams come true.


Thank you very much Albane for everything ;)

Thank you Asha, Komal & Tejaswini for the pictures!

Thank you to my dear Sangam Vihar & PaharGanj co-Catalysts (Delhi team / colleagues / flatmates / friends / new family).



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