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From Youth to Star Digital

Sushila shares her experience as Star Digital!

Sushila Shrestha, 20 years old, Stars Digital


My name is Sushila Shrestha and I’m 20 years old. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have a big family of 20 members but only me and my Elder brother live in Kathmandu and the rest of the family used to live in a village (Khotang-Nepal). I love to do Drawings, I love to visit new places and meet new people, I love to do creativities as well.

I used to stay at home doing nothing before LP4Y (Life Project For Youth) during the pandemic of covid. I had no Job as well as professional skills before but the hope of willingness was alive. I was new in the community so I faced many challenges to start my new life in the community where I was going to settle. Slowly I started to make friends as well as neighbors so I can feel comfortable around the community. One day one of my friends Ashmita Thapa invited me to visit LP4Y and explain that the organization is helping the womens by giving them the opportunity of English and Computer training. Then I joined LP4Y and I found it was different then I thought.

I joined LP4Y (Life Project 4 Youth) in July 2020 and finished the PTE(Professional Training for Entrepreneur) in December 2020. Before I used to be a former youth of LP4Y and during the 6 months of Professional training I gained helpful knowledge as well as I improved my professional and personal skills. I learned how I can introduce myself to others, how to take a lead and promote the team, How to search Job offers, How to succeed in an Interview, How to steak with the job and so on…

After I finished the training I started to look for a job as a Barista but unfortunately Because of some challenges I was unable to find one. Then I decided to work as a laborer and the leader didn’t pay me the full amount that I had worked for, so I decided to quit the job.

Then later some weeks I attended STARS CLUB(A club of the youths who finish the training) Meeting and heard of a job opportunity as a DIGITAL STARS. I applied for that position and was hired for it.

Now, being a DIGITAL STARS my main mission is to help the STARS to get a Decent Job according to their Target and Dream Job (Short term/Long term).

Some of my missions are:

  • Organize Events (Physical webinar / Digital webinar) once a month

  • Make Partnerships with the companies (To get professional Trainings/ Testimony/ Company visit/ Internship/ Job opportunities for the STARS)

  • Help the STARS to get a decent Job (By providing training i) Digital ii) Physical, Helping to improve needed skills i) Soft ii) Hard, Taking mock Interview and so on..

  • Make follow-up of the STARS (Necessary information + Working/Job search)

  • Making Job Descriptions

  • Posting Job offers and so on….

Now I’m so happy to get a decent job. Thanks to LP4Y and Digital STARS Team, for your help and support. I would love to apply the skills and the work experience that I have learned in lp4y in the future as well. Now I’m working in LP4Y but I have my own dream to have my own small business . My future plan is to go abroad and learn different skills as well as gaining knowledge of business.

I’m grateful For being in LP4Y and can find my skills and qualities so I found the path of my Life.

Thanks for helping and motivating each and every Youth. Hope that all the youths will have a decent Job after and know their skills and have a dream Job after.



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