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Fighting for Youth Inclusion alongside the Bangladeshi NGO ZE Project

Reefat Munmun, Communication and Partnership Director of ZE Project during her speech

TDC Dhaka organized its annual impact meeting on November 24, 2023. Around 30 partners joined, including ZE Project which gave testimony regarding Youth Inclusion and its partnership with LP4Y. Partner since LP4Y creation in Bangladesh in 2021, ZE Project organizes company visits and training sessions about gender awareness. Every 3 months, the Youth from the TDC Dhaka have the opportunity to learn more about this topic. To this date, LP4Y has not welcomed a transgender person in the program. It is nevertheless important to the team to make LP4Y programs a safe environment for transgender people.

Reefat Munmun, Communication and Partnership Director of ZE Project said during her testimony: 

"Our goal is to do Youth Inclusion. We want to encourage and make the Youth aware. If you do not start this process at home, with your surroundings, in your house, is it going anywhere? 

We need to invite the Youth and the family to talk. We learn, we come back home and then we make them aware.

Our goal is to make Youth aware of gender identity, so that they can both understand each other and then the inclusion happens. The training is mostly about the gender awareness section. Lastly, we finalized with LP4Y a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which gives us a long term strategy for collaboration including the Micro-Company of Bhashantek, Care 4 Change.

We got the opportunity to provide training in the Green Village also, near Rangpur. The trainers of ZE Project met the Youth there."



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