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Experience Is the Best Teacher

Regine tells us more about her journey at LP4Y, and how it impacted her life and perceptions!

Regine Dela Cruz, Philippines

Be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi
Love your neighbor as yourself - Leviticus 19:18

I decided to work here at LP4Y as a coach because I want to share my experience to inspire the Youth that "Poverty is not a hindrance to success".

I started my mission at LP4Y February 2021, having the excitement to have a new adventure in life and more importantly to meet the Youth that I will be guiding. I want to become an inspiration to them as well, that I, "myself" was from a poor family like them but persevered to finish my education despite hardships of life.

Here I am, I started my mission at LP4Y as a coach of Care 4 Change 1 Program specifically. I felt the warm welcome by the coaches and Youth when I arrived at Tondo. Likewise, I'm excited and inspired by the goal of LP4Y "Guide the Youth, for them to be more Independent and Job ready to become Entrepreneurs of their own lives".

My first 3 months here, of course as a teacher by profession, I used to become an authoritarian; a strict one. Whatever I tell, the Youth must do it right away. My point of view changed when I realized that it's not effective for the Youth. They are adults already, young mothers to be exact and some of them are out of school Youth. They don't need that kind of approach, you have to have a connection with the Youth, so that they are doing their task or whatever it is because they are enjoying it, not just because the youth is afraid of the coach. Make a connection to the Youth I suggest.

The Youth came from excluded backgrounds. Some of them have not so good past, have very sensitive experiences, have dark past, from broken families and so on. I've found out also that the TDC is the Youth comfort zone, where in everytime they are here at TDC, the Youth forget their problems at home for the meantime, they feel safe, welcomed, loved, appreciated, noticed, belonged, important and for the Youth it's really just like a home together with their fellow Youth making a good memories in their 6 months of professional training.

As I do my individual Guidance or Individual talk to our Youth, we get to know them deeper, their family background, aspirations, dreams, attitudes, behaviors, strengths, weaknesses, skills and uniqueness.

Through LP4Y, some Youth who lost their hopes, have new hope. Youth who have no self-direction found meaning in life. The Youth have now goals to achieve. No good future before, but now they have perseverance and dedication not just to stay where they are now but to have a better place and situation in life. Indeed LP4Y is a life changing experience to the coaches and to the lives of Youth.

Me, as a coach personally learned to have goals in life really, and of course it must have a timeline.

There was a time during LPP (Life Project Plan) presentation of the Youth, the Youth are doing their LPP. I asked myself "Do I have plans in life?". Yes I have plans but no timeline on it. Now, I have plans with a timeline, knowingly that through hard work we can achieve it.

LP4Y is indeed giving a big Impact to the Youth lives, Youth family, friends, to the community, to the country and of course to the whole world as well. To light up the dreams of Youth that had been killed by the hardships of life.

LP4y is bridging the gap of poverty to lessen the poor family globally.

This 6 months Professional Training for Entrepreneurs will help the Youth a lot not only professionally but also physically (supporting the Youth professional attire, pants, shoes, bag etc. if they don't have any, to have a decent look), emotionally (because LP4Y is training the Youth to manage their emotions promptly. Emotions must not affect their whole being as individual who has dream in life in order for the Youth to pursue), socially (LP4Y trains the youth to be sociable, overcome fear of standing; even speaking in a crowd and sharing ideas to others) and intellectually (LP4Y trains the youth to have critical thinking in different situations or events).

Through the various trainings, community trainings, workshops, internship opportunity, company visit, MEI (Micro Economic Initiative), administrative tasks, collective guidance, english business trainings, e-learning(Digital Inclusion), mobilization, sales etc. will shape and enhance the whole being of the youth.

Huge thanks to LP4Y for this kind of opportunity for the Youth. In helping them to have clear direction in life. Indeed for me, It was a great experience working with the LP4Y family, especially to those I worked with at the center. Working for the same goal "for Youth inclusion".

This experience as a coach gives me excitement to be excited of what will happen for a day, to wake up everyday with a smile and be joyful to see the progress of Youth all the way.

Lastly, this opportunity and experience guiding the Youth taught me lots of lesson such as be appreciative; appreciate your life or what you have because we are blessed compared to others' situation, be humble because there are people who are looking at you as their model or example to be followed and even they are looking at you as their one of inspirations to achieve all their dreams or aspirations in life.


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