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Draw my center, draw my MEI

Coach Laura challenges the Youths of the LPC Howrah, asking them to draw their Center/MEI.


Sudipta Santra

19 years old, Responsibility Step

Hello my name is Sudipta Santra, I am in Responsability step in Howrah Program 2, in LPC Howrah.

This hat is usually used by the builder staff,so our center will be renovated with their help and we will renovate it also and have the same ones !

We are about to renovate this center now our center is in a situation like this, and I draw houses because it will be like it for us and it describe our center for me.

And I draw 3 big building because we all hope we can transform our center into a building, into something big and modern.


Farha Naz

20 years old, Responsibility Step

My name is Farha Naz. I am 19 year old. I live in New Busti Luchi Bangan Howrah 9. My education level is 10pass. I have 6members in my family. My hobby is cooking. My target job is to be a banker and my dream job teacher. For me the bowl represents the earth and the land that belong to everybody. Everybody is the 3 characters on the top. The star represents the sky and hope. This is like the center, that belongs to every LP4Y Howrah youth and give hope.


Mehek Afrine

19 years old, Autonomy Step

Hello my name is Mehek Afrine, I am a member of Howrah Program 1 in LPC Howrah.

This is about my drawing challenge. it's a construction building logo. It is showing a building where work is still going on. The front crank shows that construction work is on the way. This is about our center where the renovation will soon started and we will have a new one! The reason why I did this drawing challenge is that these days it can help us a lot to create new ideas and and to do something new like the building.

Thank you coach to give this challenge.


Gulnaz Khatoon

20 years old, Responsibility Step

Hello my name is Gulnaz Khatoon, I am a member of Howrah Program 2 in LPC Howrah, I am in Responsibility step. Good life solution drawing explanation is that solution to life, as you all know, not come easily. If we go somewhere for a job, we don't necessarily get the because we do not speak English for example or we do not behave professionally. In this LP4Y center this is where our lives will find solution.


Barnali Singha

17 years old, Autonomy Step

Hello, my name is Barnali Singha, I am in Automony Step in LPC Howrah from Howrah Program 2. This drawing is a very common one… That is why it is difficult for me to describe it… This is our center. Everything I wrote in my mind… I just follow with my pen to express it because I don’t know the words to tell. Every time I am thinking or drawing, it goes to LP4Y.

Thanks to all of LP4Y team & all coaches.🙏🙏

Special thanks for to my favorite coach Laura coach for guiding me & helping me always!


Jannat Naskar

18 years old, Management Step

Hello, my name is Jannat Naskar, I am a youth from Howrah LPC in Howrah Program 2, I am in management step. I have used these colors yellow, black and brown because yellow is showing the innovation and creativity, brown is showing the strength and black is showing the seriousness. Now our MEI is based on building and renovation that's why I give the name building and renovation or B&R.



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