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Youth of Paharganj in Decathlon


On November 10th, 2021 we went to visit the company Decathlon,

which is located in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. During the meeting we met Christo Roy (the senior coach and sports leader).

He welcomed us very well and he is very interested to know about us and LP4Y. He is very curious to know about us because the older youths who are working there told him many positive things about LP4Y. After talking with him about LP4Y he told us about Decathlon.

Decathlon is a French sports company. The meaning of the name Decathlon is a sports event in which people compete in ten different sports.

In Decathlon there are seven departments (like sports, fitness, running, hiking, etc.). In Fitness departments there are all types of equipment which is used for fitness (like gym equipment, punching bags and gloves, shoes and rods etc.). In the Sports department they have included many types of sports (like Cricket, basketball, table tennis etc.) and Decathlon has all sports materials related to these sports. In the Running department you can find all the items which are used for running and walking (like clothes, shoes etc.). The hiking department includes all the equipment and materials which a person uses for hiking, trekking and mountain climbing etc. (like camping tools, ropes etc.) and also there is a reception counter, a meeting room, small cycle repairing workshop etc. Decathlon works with over 1647 stores in nearly 300 cities in 57 countries and regions.

After the visit they said we could visit all the departments. We can use the equipment and check it.

After that he assured us he will provide our youths two weeks internship twice in a year. We partnered with Decathlon for Breaking the Chain, an event organized by Hande & Decathlon and it was for women empowerment. Also, they provided our youths (girls) some training about how to repair bicycles and how to ride a bicycle. Through this training they learned about their rights and self motivation. The youths feel very motivated after doing this training and also they would like to work in Decathlon in future.

On December 2nd, 2021, We went to Decathlon Vasant Kunj Delhi, to give them a proposal about the events (Workshop in Paharganj, 2-week internships, organize a Sport and Talent Day in Lodhi Garden, etc) which we are going to organise in 2022 and they agreed on everything.

After that one day Christo came to the center and he provided us with a training session on surveys (how to do a survey, what kind of thing we have to do in a survey etc.). He also shared some procedures on how to work in Decathlon. In January and July Decathlon will recruit new employees (sports leaders), at the same time they will give vacancies and internships!

Christo also shared his journey and personal experiences of working in Decathlon. He said many things about his personal life (like what is his dream and what he is doing in the present), what he would like to do, which sport he likes, many things like this.



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