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Would you hire me?

"Let me start with a few questions:

Who here thinks a college degree is necessary?

Who here has a job aligned with their degree?

Who here already disqualified a candidate because they did not have a college degree?

Let me tell you: you are wrong.

Nowadays, out of 1.2 billion Youth, 700 million are coming from excluded backgrounds. Meaning that you will not include them in your recruitment process. That you would not include me, for example. And today, I will prove to you that you should have !

Population is aging. Recruitment and talent retainment are some the main challenges HR will face in the future according to the ILO organization. So you should consider thinking outside of the box of Education and go FURTHER.

The preconceived idea of Youth being lazy, not willing to Work or to take initiative remains printed in our mind. But do you trust us enough? Do you give us enough opportunity to thrive? Do you use the right framework to follow us?

I am telling you today that when you give an opportunity to a Youth coming from an excluded background, he or she will not give up. I will not give up.

We are responsible for our family, for our future. We are therefore committed and have the willingness to champion for your brand, your company. We are proud because this might be the first time someone believes in us. Fast learning, flexibility, and responsibility are not taught while sitting on a bench.

By hiring an excluded youth, you will have access to a better workforce and you will also directly impact your image and the way people see your brand. You will reach your diversity objectives, which we know are a success indicator in terms of well being, motivation and creativity for your employees. You will even enjoy tax deduction from your government! Amazing right?

But you already know that.

Do you want to have an impact?

Do you want to follow the process or do you want to be the one leading the change?

Do you want to be a follower of the next champions of inclusion or do you want to be this Champion of inclusion?

Of course it can look complicated knowing where to start. Today, I will share with you a few tips on how to have an impact starting tomorrow:

  • Contact the Youth Inclusion Network to shape your HR strategy and be connected to the Youth

  • Remove educational requirements in all your job offers

  • Support financially Youth inclusion initiatives

  • Be a speaker during events to inspire and be a role model for many more organizations

  • Raise awareness around you, you are part of the change!

Excluded Youth are full of skills, dreams and talents. They are eager to join you, they are eager to show you who they really are and I am one of these Youth. I have skills, I have potential and I deserve that chance.

Let me show you what I can bring. Beyond the data in your HR records, we are talking about loyalty, willingness to learn and so much more.

Diplomas will never bring the practical experience that I gained throughout my life, while struggling to succeed. Today, I am able to bring so much more than a piece of paper at an interview. I bring you 21 years of practical experience that will definitely change the way you will perceive interviews and candidates. I am bringing you a new field of possibilities, full of talents that deserve to be discovered.

I am Josephlyn and I am the one who can open you to this world.

And now, would you hire me?"

Speech prepared during the Philippines Country Forum during a workshop. Currently a member of LP4Y team, Josephlyn used to be a Youth at the Training and Development Center in Tondo.


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