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Super Women in the Green Village of Calauan

During project time, we decided to tell our stories, before and during our LP4Y journey. We also want to share our dreams and what LP4Y has changed in our lives.

4 women with trees and an house in the background
LP4Y Stories Team project in the Green Village Calauan, Philippines

We hope those inspirational testimonies from the Philippines will inspire other Young Women to believe in their potential and join LP4Y! Believe in you! Everything is possible! Janalyn Cezar Janalyn Cezar is my name, one of the Youth at Green Village, Calauan. After I graduated in Senior High School, I had no idea about what I wanted to do in life, I didn't make any plans to follow my dreams due to financial problems and I asked myself "what is my purpose in life?"

1 woman standing up
Janalyn Cezar

At that time, I was aware of what Green Village is. But since my English isn't very excellent, I wasn't interested in joining at that time. However, after one of my classmates in grade 12 explained it to me, I felt that I was able to adapt to the professional world. Everything changed after I joined LP4Y. At first I was shy because I didn't know all the Youth & Catalysts and I didn't have a lot of confidence to boost it. As the time passed by I built and improved my skills and qualities like in computer skills on how to use google sheet, google docs, etc. I also improved my public speaking and communication with others, and of course on how to be a professional person.

We all have dreams growing up. When I was a child my dream was to become an accountant because I love numbers, I easily solve math problems. But when I join LP4Y at, I want to become an event planner that organizes events. I discovered my passion and I unlocked new skills when I entered LP4Y. I am motivated everyday to learn more because for me if you're dedicated you will succeed to adapt.

The LP4Y journey made me also realize that I need to trust my own skills. It taught me that if I couldn't do it alone, I can always call for support.

Je-ann Hemodo

I am Je-ann Hemodo 21 years old, one of the Youth in Life Project 4 Youth in Green Village Calauan, Laguna Philippines. I’m a graduate in High School. Before joining LP4Y, I was working in Puerto Galera as a Tourist Guide for 7 months but I decided to stop my work and we decided with my husband to go back to Laguna to take care of my son and my siblings.

1 woman standing up
Je-Ann Hemodo

One day my friend told me about LP4Y and she always motivates me to join but I hesitated because my knowledge is not enough in my opinion : my English level was low, my communication with others was not good and I did not have computer skills knowledge. When I entered LP4Y I’m very happy even if it’s hard sometimes to talk in English. I did not give up on myself and I always pursue my dreams to find a decent job because I want to give my son a dream future.

And now I am in the Responsibility step after 3 months and I did not expect that I would improve myself so much when I'm here. I also encourage others to join us here because we are developing a lot of skills p in LP4Y and we always make sure to be professional. Joan Fontanil I'm Joan Fontanil, one of the Youth of Life Project 4 Youth Green Village Philippines Calauan Laguna. Before joining LP4Y, I was a working student trying to work in the market, but I was struggling to communicate with customers. Despite occasional mistakes leading to embarrassment, I persevered in improving my communication skills until I graduated in grade 12. I decided to stop my schooling because of financial problems.

1 woman standing up
Joan Fontanil

One day, my cousin and my neighbor visited, introducing me to LP4Y. Intrigued by the idea of enhancing my confidence, and overall skill set, I decided to join LP4Y with the goal of getting a decent job. LP4Y has been instrumental in my growth . The experience has allowed me to explore and understand myself better, and become more professional. During my training at LP4Y, I completed an internship at the Post Office in Calauan, where I served as an office staff. LP4Y supported me in obtaining necessary official documents such as SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG, facilitating personal and professional growth.

Now my confidence has improved. I can assure you that: Trials you can cry but you can't give up. Super woman mindset! Anjolina Francisco

I am Anjolina Francisco, one of the Youth in Green Village Philippines Calauan, Laguna. When I graduated from Senior High School I felt jealous of my classmates because I had no one to support my finances to pursue my college degree and be a varsity player. My other batch mates asked me to join Green Village because they're aware that I didn't pursue a college degree. But I always refused when someone asked me to join because I know that speaking English is required at Green village. I'm scared to communicate in English as I know I'm not too good at it.

1 woman standing up
Anjolina Francisco

One day, some Youths visited our home and introduced me to LP4Y. They said that judging and laughing at other youths is not allowed and they help Women, Identify as women, LGBT, Single mother, (18-24 yrs old) that are not capable of going to pursuing education. That's when I decided to join.

On my first day in Discovery week, I was too shy to speak English in front of everyone. Then the next day we were getting ready for the Impact Meeting Presentation (A meeting with the external partners), everyone was prepared for their presentation and we needed to do a workshop and we needed to share our thoughts. I presented in front of everyone, and I've been challenged to do public speaking since it's my third day as a new bee in LP4Y. I was scared and my hand was shaking but I tried, and do my best to present our work.

All I hope is to improve my English speaking ability. However I didn't expect that it would help me, to know more about my passion, my inner self, to boost my confidence, and to be the best version of myself and also to pursue my dream. That's why I was motivated to go to Green Village to learn everyday. Right now I have no idea what decent job I want, but I want to look into it and take the time to explore more. Eventually, I want to start my own business. As long as you believe in yourself, you can succeed, don't let anyone make you doubt yourself, always trust your abilities and let your light shine, be a source of strength.



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