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From Navotas to Bolloré: Dina's story

I am a young woman who used to live in Navotas City, named Dina. I used to live with my sister and brother only, because our father left us when I was 10 years old and our mother died due to a disease in 2016. When my mother died, my life turned upside down to the point that I attempted to end my own life because “What is the point of doing everything now when my one and only motivation has gone?”

But everything changed when the sister of my friend invited me to join Life Project 4 Youth. At first, I was following the training because I was bored at home. And as the time went by, I did not expect to feel as safe and accepted as I was in LP4Y. I was used to face haters and judgmental people outside and trying to bring you down.

LP4Y became my home, a safe place where I can be myself and where the Catalysts will accompany us and help us to improve. Not only in the way we speak or write in English, but also how to use Microsoft, Excel and moreover how to be professional. One thing that I will never forget during my journey in LP4Y is that they made me realize that I can be a better version of myself.

I finished LP4Y during the pandemic. It was not easy, but I was hired as an admin assistant in one of the companies in Makati City. Unfortunately, it did not last long due to the pandemic. We had a skeletal schedule: no work, no pay. At that moment, I was living in Navotas. I was spending a lot of time in transportation, and it was expensive. I decided to end it.

I did extra work in my friend’s small business while applying and sending resumes in as many companies as possible. I got interviews but no one accepted me because of my educational background. I was stuck in that routine for a year until one of the Coaches in LP4Y invited me to send my resume in Bolloré and do an interview. I grabbed that great opportunity, beginning my career as an International Freight Forwarding Operator in Bolloré.

First, I became an intern for 5 months under the Finance department. After that, they absorbed me as a custom compiler employee. Finally, after 6 months, I became a regular employee with a new job title as an International Freight Forwarding Operator. Bollore helped me to improve myself and to develop my ability at work. Without the help of Bolloré and LP4Y together, I would have never been who I am and where I am now.

My advice to the Youth coming from extreme poverty: stop thinking that no one will accept your application because you do not have that ability and are not entitled since you are not a degree holder. Remember there are a lot of successful people without a college degree. And do not be afraid if you make a mistake because it is the sign that you are doing something.

"A mistake does not mean that you are a failure. It is not how far you fall that is important but how high you bounce back to make a difference from your mistake."

Slum in the Philippines
Slum in the Philippines



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