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Working as a Team Leader with 3 LP4Y former Youth

Ian Reoperez, from Decathlon Pasay, testifies about his experience of daily work with 3 former Youth of LP4Y

Ian Reoperez

LP4Y has been our most successful partner in finding talented and passionate young teammates who can be a contributor in our mission of making sports accessible to the many. I had the pleasure to work with and lead several teammates over the years here in the company and today they are big contributors to the stores that they are a part of.

Currently in Decathlon Pasay, we have 3 Teammates who were a part of LP4Y. The most experienced one is a Sport Leader managing an important sport in our store and also a Captain of the Day (a big responsibility in our organization) while another teammate is someone who transferred from Alabang and is a specialist in our Cashing Up processes and customer service. Our newest teammate, Wendy, is someone we met just last November, and we are pleased with the level of professionalism and enthusiasm she is showing with us in her first few months.

Overall, I find youths from LP4Y as very hard working teammates, always giving their best, always positive, and very optimistic to the challenges we face. They always seize the opportunity presented to them, and it has been a pleasure to see some of them show significant growth over the last few years. This is a partnership we wish to continue, and we are hoping to find even more talents in the future coming from LP4Y!!


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