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When the family supports you to reach your goal and realise your dreams !

At the very beginning, when I was little I dreamed of being an important man in society, helping people and being responsible.

Bilal Adawieh

At school, I was ranking in the top of the class and in so many times I was even the first. Because I can’t be at the margin. And I was helping my classmates when they faced difficulties.

When I was in college, I lost the first two years but I went forward and I changed to civil engineering, then I was the major in my branch, helping my classmates again.

When I graduated from college, I rubbed off on people and my society because before that I was free to study.

I was surprised by the big gap between me and the society in which I live. They don’t have any plans for their life and children, no plans for their jobs, they are not willing to upgrade, they work on the principle of:” every day per day”. That’s why I decided to change and think about what I can change for my brothers, friends, my relatives, and all the people by helping and guiding them.

At first I worked on guidance and raising community awareness and how to upgrade themselves continuously, including teaching IT skills and the use of the Internet, because it is the biggest influence in society nowadays. Also, I communicated with the associations and institutes, I employed three girls while working with UNICEF.

During the 2022 Spring, in Mars, I heard about your association through Omayma Adawieh and contacted Maylin, the Project Manager Mobilization of the Project, to know more about you and the program.

Rabiaa Adawiya

After a few months, Rabiaa, my sister, and Omayma joined Life Project 4 Youth.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to persuade our parents, because it takes so much effort from me to convince them of the advantages of the project.

In general, the biggest obstruction for girls for such a project is the ignorance of the parents and the closed and unconscious mind, and the fear of letting the girl sleep out of her home.

The last thing that matters is the lack of knowledge on the project because before my sister joined you, I actually had a wrong idea about it.

After I looked at the project and the program I couldn’t give my opinion, I needed more information about it. But then, I saw my sister and the areas in which she evolved, I can say, it is very good.

Finally, I would advise all people: “if you are not increasing, you are decreasing”.

Thank you all for reading this testimony and letting me share my ideas with you and I hope to visit you ASAP on the Green Village Surat !

Bilal Adawieh


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