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The Champions - Myanmar

In March, 2021 due to the political crisis in Myanmar, lots of Youth in LP4Y have to flee back to their respective village. However, they didn't give up and came back to LP4Y where they could chase their dreams!

A Kan Min, Myanmar

Myat Noe Khaing, Myanmar

Khin Myat Mon Thar, Myanmar

Sai Bo Bo Tun, Myanmar

May Thazin Phyu, Myanmar

Mya Myint Zu, Myanmar

Naing Phyo Win, Myanmar

My first steps in LP4Y by Naing Phyo Win:

I’m Naing Phyo Win. I live in Hlaing Thar Yar with my family. I have 5 members in my family and they are my father, mother, brother, young brother and me. I started my discovery week at LP4Y in April 2021 and now, I am in “autonomy step” in LP4Y. Due to Covid-19 situation all the schools in Myanmar have been closed since 2020 and again in March 2021, the political situation happened again and it became hard for me to learn or find a job for my living. l came to know LP4Y from a friend of mine and after discovery week, I understood that LP4Y was the place where I could discover my Target Job and my Dream Job.

The unstoppable moment with May Thazin Phyu:

I’m Youth in LP4Y. My name is May Thazin Phyu. I live in Hlaing Thar Yar. I already knew about LP4Y last 2019. But I could only join in 2021 because of covid-19 and other problems. I had some challenges coming to the center because of our country's situation and it was not safe enough. But I came to the center everyday because I want to learn more and to stay with LP4Y. It was a very hard moment in our country in March. And then I had to flee back to my village with my mom. However, after a month, I came back to TDC- Hlaing Thar Yar to chase my dreams. Thank you to LP4Y and our coach because you were with us in this difficult situation. And also thanks to my teammates.

Journey back to TDC Hlaing Tharyar with Mya Myint Zu:

I am from Myanmar. I am nearly 19 years old. I live with my family. I started to join LP4Y on February 23 ,2021. And then I reached “autonomy step” in March. During March, a political crisis happened in our country. So, we closed our center for two weeks for our safety. Therefore, I came back to my village with my younger two sisters without my parents. My village is located in Ayeyarwady region. We have to take the bus for 5 hours to reach my village. We left early in the morning for my village. After 5 hours riding the bus I reached my village. I lived in my grandfather's house. Although I reached a safe place I had many difficulties. There is no electricity and pure water in my place and we had to use solar energy. Moreover, there is no learning point in my village and I decided to come back to the TDC center to learn English, computer and business knowledge. My grandfather didn’t want me to come back to Hlaing Thar Yar for my safety, however, I came back here to try for my target job and dream job. My friends are also here. If I didn’t come back from my village I couldn’t improve anything and nothing would change in my life. This is the reason why I come back to the center and continue again.

My Volunteer Moment at TDC - Hlaing Thar Yar by Sa Nyan Linn:

I started my journey in LP4Y Myanmar as a Coach on 15th of February with lots of excitement and challenging moments, especially the political situation. After one month of mission in the TDC, a huge political crisis had happened and most of the Youth in Hlaing Thar Yar had to flee back to their respective village to keep themself safe.

Despite the situation in Myanmar, the Youth in the TDC - Hlaing Thar Yar never let go of their dream to come true by coming back to the center and continuing their training every single day.

Furthermore, in the mid of April, the Youth started launching their mobilization session in the community to help the children aged between (7-14) who are away from school since covid-19 pandemic.

The mental and physical solidarity power of the Youth are quite amazing. They held the motto “Together We Can” and kept going over the situation. And what I can see is nothing can’t stop them from chasing their dreams.

Celebrating the water festival with beautiful smiles and

an amazing moment at TDC-Hlaing Thar Yar, by Naw Aye De Phaw:

The Thingyan, also known as Water Festival is one of the famous festivals in Myanmar, is the happiest moment of the year. In this year, we couldn’t celebrate due to covid-19 and the political situation in Myanmar. However with the help of the Coach and motivation of the Youth, on April 13th 2021, we did a small party in our center. We created our own water festival and everyone had a great time. We prepared our traditional food and had it together. We were really excited to perform our traditional dances and international dances. We enjoyed playing games and creating signs on our t-shirts together and this year will be our unforgettable memories in LP4Y.

We couldn’t enjoy it like we normally would during this difficult time but everybody was free of stress the whole day.

During the political crisis, the scarcity and lack of job

and internship opportunities in Myanmar with Sai Bo Tun and A Kan Min.

Sai Bo Bo Tun :

In April 2021, one of the very hard moments for me was to search for an internship. I tried to look everywhere around Hlaing Thar Yar where I can stick with my Target Job. The Garment Factory Company “Mini clothes transportation”.

There are more than 50 employees in this factory and there are also different departments and I was assigned to “Cutting” for two weeks. I enjoyed this moment so much in my internship moment as I always wanted to work in the operation.

The job operation starts at 9:00am and ends at 5:00 pm everyday. I was working under the “Cutting” Department and was attached with the supervisor “Mrs Htwe Htwe” who is taking charge of the whole operation. I learnt most about “How to cut professionally” and the communication between departments. I felt very happy and also got a lot of experiences from there. It Improved my communication and teamwork skills.

A Kan Min :

I’m A Kan Min and I’m now in “Management Step” in LP4Y. In April 2021 while I was in “Responsibility Step”, I had a big challenge to do my internship search. Even though it was a hard time, I tried hard to find a place where I wanted to join for an internship and I finally found it.

The company is situated downtown. The FCY electrical engineering company. It is related to my target and dream job. I stayed there for about two weeks.

There were many departments and about 18 employees at that time. The job operation starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm. I worked there 5 hours a day.

I learned a lot about the basics of electricity (Eg.The resource of electricity, about wire-Cable, about the voltage and circuit breaker, How we can use them…).

I loved that moment because the subject that I learned in my internship interested me the most and also helped me improve my requirements. Based on my internship, I got a stronger mind for my dream to come true more than before.

The impact on the Community in Hlaing Tharyar- Yangon with

Micro Economic Initiatives (MEI) by Train 4 Change - Hlaing Thar Yar.

On January 1st 2021, the Youth from TDC Hlaing Thar Yar started doing surveys in the community to start the MEI Program. The topic was: “How to improve Hlaing Thar Yar?”.

“Gathering all the information in the community helped us a lot in planning for our MEI project. We have got a lot of informations during this survey program and based on this, we’ve planned to give training to the kids in the community especially Burmese, basic English and general knowledge” said Myat Shwe Sin (in “Responsibility Step”) and Ei Thet Mon (in “Management Step”)

Due to Covid-19 and political situations, the project took a little bit longer to start, however in April 2021 Train 4 Change had successfully launched the mobilization session to the community and more than 20 children registered to join the training.

This project was successfully initiated on May 19th 2021. We schedule two days a week to give respective training to the children (basic english and general knowledge related to environment & health). The training time starts from 10:00am in the morning and it takes 2 hours for one day. There is also one short break time around 15 mins for the children. After the small break, we play games with the children and also we ask them for their feedback to improve the training. We look at their feedback and comments and based on these we prepare and think the best ways to teach (eg.what we need to improve for them, which way is the best way to teach and easy to catch up by them and to keep them active enough)

“The feeling after seeing the reaction of the kids during the training and their smiles are my biggest motivation to move on the project” said Htun Linn Aung.

Life Project Plan of Myat Noe Khaing

whose big dream is to become HR Manager in an International Company:

I’m Myat Noe Khine and I'm 23 years old. Before joining LP4Y, I worked at Medical Action Myanmar (MAM INGO) as a storekeeper in the logistic department. When I did this job, I met most of my foreigner colleagues. Although I understood what they were saying, I could not reply to them. Because I’m afraid and I don’t know how to start speaking english. And also I was afraid they would talk to me. So whenever I saw them, I ran away from them. So I want to know what I should do, I can speak english. And then I had a dream to become HR Manager. But I don’t know how to start, what I should do, what I should learn and how to build self-confidence for the thing which I want to do.

At that time, I heard about LP4Y from someone. She told me “if you join LP4Y, you could find what you need to do to make that dream come true and your english speaking skills will also improve”. So, I joined in Dec 2020 and am still in LP4Y. Because I was improving my English speaking, Communication, Leadership, Management skills and Professional Behavior. And I reached “management step” in 17 May,2021.

My target job is HR assistant and Dream job is to become HR manager. It’s much clearer for me now to go for my dream. I’ve learnt a lot in LP4Y regarding team managing and communication as a Manager. I also learn to improve myself and skills from running my MEI project in LP4Y. For my dream, I will do it step by step. I will be trying to reach the HR Department in an NGO or International Company within 2 years and my challenge is to be able to continue my HR training after LP4Y.


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