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Thank you for your support !

On April 18th, around 7am, a fire breaks out, ravaging Happyland slum in Tondo. More than 500 families are impacted. Stars and Catalysts of LP4Y Tondo launch the initiative of clothes and food distribution. Simultaneously, LP4Y catalysts from all over the world decide to send some videos and messages of support. It’s now the turn of the Youth of Tondo to thank them !

Marydee Castillo 22 management

Joann Villarino 22 responsibility

Abegail Ofiaza 20 management

Rizza Rivera 22 responsibility

Katherine Alcantara 18 responsibility

Precil Olaguera 20 management

Rose-Ann Alteche 25 autonomy

Jhen Jhen Rivera 17 autonomy

Mourene Hilario 27 star

Aivie Dalina 22 responsibility

Jemalyn Manozon 28 autonomy

Jessica Argobano 20 responsibility

Arlene Rebarter 24 autonomy

Flordeliza Cezar 21 autonomy

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