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Alicia, the BIC Corporate Foundation Project Manager, is going through the fruitful partnership between LP4Y and BIC since 2018 with the local team and the Foundation !

Alicia & Ganesh

When I look back at our history with LP4Y, I feel genuinely fulfilled with everything that has been achieved. We have been working hand-in-hand with LP4Y since 2017 and we’ve witnessed the Youth Center in Raipur, India grow into a place where youth can start building their dreams and futures.

This partnership makes a lot of sense to the BIC Corporate Foundation, as we focus on education programs that develop creative skills in children and youth from disadvantaged kids and youth. LP4Y’s pedagogy allows just that, by empowering and inviting youth to think out of the box, while providing them with technical skills that will allow them to develop an entrepreneurial and resilient mindset.

Throughout the years, we’ve had the chance to organize various activities with the youth in the Raipur Green Village center funded by BIC and the Foundation, we’ve organized virtual meetups with our team members in Clichy, France, the Foundation’s team has visited the center and offered consulting to the micro-business teams and BIC Cello team members in Mumbai had also offered mentoring to LP4Y youth in the Mumbai center.

This year will be even better because we’re planning quarterly volunteering opportunities where BIC team members from all around the world will be able to help LP4Y youth with interview and CV tips, mentor them on their micro-business projects and just offer information and advice about the corporate world, vocational interests and more.

I’m looking forward to continuing working with LP4Y and its amazing team of highly-motivated people!


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