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Team spirit is the most important

Angelica Vitales, LPC Payatas, Manila, Philippines

Good day, My name is Angelica Vitales. I am 19 years old and I live in payatas B. Quezon City. I am part of PayataSport and my department is Sport and Events coordinator. I arrived at LP4Y last February 1st, 2020. In my staying in lp4y, I learn a lot like: how to organize an event like basketball league, volleyball league and also the Zumba event, and I also learn how to speak English very well and how to do some works in the computer. I learn that every team work is not being successful if you do not have team spirit in your team. Finally, I learn all of that because of LP4Y program.  Our next challenges are to have more youths to share some things that we learn in LP4Y and to have more activities like sport trainings for the students, street children and also for the youth to know what is the purpose of sports in our life. This is my message to the other youth like me: do not lose your trust in yourself because I know that in any problem there is a solution. Be confident to face a problem, try to learn more. Dream big and you will be successful in your life.


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