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National Youth Day in India

Mehebuda shares her vision of future in India when it comes to Youth!

Mehebuba Khatun, Entrepreneur of GV West Bengal, India

The national Youth day also known as Yoga Diwas is celebrated on 12th of January every year in India. The day marks the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda one of the popular philosophers and thinkers of the world. Dedicating a national day to Youth is a recognition of our contribution to Indian society.

In my opinion Youth is important because as Youth we are the one bringing ideas, energy and motivation for the future. We are creative minds, we have confidence and we can bring solutions to problems.

I want everyone in the society to have equal rights, everyone have the opportunity to study and no more child marriage. People need to understand that child marriage is a child legal crime, that time they were of school age. Being married too early physically and mentaly harm. We need time to grow, to learn and explore ourselves!



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