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My experience as Stars Club President

As former President of the Stars Club in Kathmandu, Puja shows us the importance of networking and how the Stars Club helped her in her professional aspirations!

Puja Dhungana,

Namaste everyone, I am Puja Dhungana from Nepal. I was the president of the Stars club of the Green Village Nepal. I am delighted to say that recently I have completed working as a president in our Stars club. During this journey all of us have acquired and enhanced each other skills. For us stars club is the perfect platform and a network where we can continues our learning progress by doing. The main objective of our stars club is to support and help each other to grow because we really believe together we can and together everyone achieve more.Its easy to be motivated and inspire but it's hard to stay motivated and inspired but stars club has been helping and pushing us to be motivated and stars can relate to each other problems and find a solution within's not only about stars we have been trying to contribute something from outside by organizing different kind of activity because we know that change starts from individual and we need to be the change we wish to see in the world by doing whatever we can do from outside.

Stars clubs network help us to find a job and by sharing the job vacancy if there is any in there company and sometimes by organizing a workshop on a job search and career related topic. It gives us different energy.

We will shine brighter everyday to remove the darkness of our life and to able to give the light to the world one day that is the true definition of stars club for us. During this journey we have been clearly understood that a deep self motivation to achieve something only can bring the result.

We have freedom to choose our life we might have have very bad time with full of fears to come out but still the factors is we are free to choose we have that freedom of choice. Personally I have develop different kind of skills during this year which has been very useful for my personal and professional life.

I used to be afraid sometimes that may be I won't be able manage time for stars club because I am very far from the center and I have my own stuff to do. We all say I am busy but actually we are not because busy people know how to manage themselves. but with time now I have realized that we all have 24 hours we can't manage time we have to manage ourselves with in the time so it's not about time it's all about about an energy and motivation. Now I believe In energy management.

And the another most important lesson that I have learnt during this year was management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things ,management efficiency is in climbing the ladder of success:leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.

Stars club has been helping us to become a better us day by day by working on ourselves.

For that I am eternally grateful towards LP4Y and all the members of our club.

Thank you !



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