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My Dear Community

Chloé Hunault, 32 yo, Coach since February 2020

Rangoon, Myanmar

“As soon as I arrived here, I felt that Myanmar is a special country. And I notice a little more every day that its population is just as extraordinary.

In this country where one person out of four live below the poverty line, many NGOs are present.

So when I joined the Mobilization Task Force, I imagined that I would be able to help and promote the influence of LP4Y. But I didn't expect the incredible solidarity of the Burmese people!

The slums didn't wait for the arrival of the NGOs to organize themselves to help each other.

When the virus arrived, it was therefore natural that they supported each other and I realized that my youths didn't need to join a task force to mobilize.They are already very involved in their community life thanks to an organization called Hlaing Thar Yar Youth Network which sensibilizes them and organizes their volunteering.

The Youth, by thinking of helping them, are once again proving to me that together we can...

Nwe Ni Win, one of these citizens, wrote a letter to her community, as we could write to our grandmother to give her some news in a complicated period”


New Ni Win, 19 years old,

Management step

My Dear Community,

You're going through a crisis you weren't ready to face.

I'm scared for you. You're my family, you introduced me to friends, you've given me a good time with my neighbors who know how to be present in bad times. You opened the doors of your university to me, which is now closed.

I feel sad for you. You wear a mask, you keep a social distance,

I remain strong for you. NGOs are mobilizing for you, I wanted to help you as you help me every day since I was little. I take your temperature, I go to the markets to explain good practices, I make sure you have enough to eat.

I had to adapt too, as you I didn't know about this virus, I learned to speak in public, to be more confident, and to become a good and responsible citizen.

You told me to stay home and I did. You tell me to keep my hopes up and I believe it. I am exhausted, helping you requires a lot of energy, but I need to keep in touch with you. More than ever, alone I can't, but together we can.


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