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My challenges have shaped the best version of myself

Cherimae, a Star of CDO shares her experience as a trainee of the Webhelp Training programme

Cherimae Mulos, 22 years old, Stars in the Training & Development Center of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Hi I am Cherimae Mulos, I am 22 years old and I resided at Cagayan de Oro City. My life used to be really challenging because I had stopped studying owing to financial difficulties. I'd given up hope. In that situation, I had no idea what my life goals would be or what I should expect in the future.

I was on standby for approximately three months, but in the meantime, I was looking for scholarships to help pay for my tuition if I decided to return to school. However, because I'm a student, it's a little difficult. Some Educational Assistance Programs qualify for scholarship merit if the student is still in school. I realized I couldn't rely on this program since I felt empty. Since then, I've been fighting on my own and telling myself that I'll be able to find another fantastic opportunity. If others can do it, there's no reason why I can't.

I was in City Hall, trying to find a job and enroll in the TESDA out-of-school youth program. When I met the previous former STAR President, he introduced me to the Life Project 4 Youth Organization, which was a fantastic opportunity. I was piqued, and after some consideration, I decided to join. I was first nervous since the coaches were foreigners who spoke fluent English, a language in which I am not competent. I'm finding it difficult to fit in with the team, especially since I'm dealing with Deaf Youths. It's a new atmosphere for me, and I'm having to adjust to their perceptions and be aware of my actions. Nonetheless, I persisted in attending the training. I'm grateful that I was able to conquer those challenges and learn something from them.

The coaches, the team, and the training have all aided me in being a professional in all areas of competence. Not only has it aided me in becoming a professional, but it has also changed me to have a direction and set objectives for my future, which is something I had never considered before.

I value the Coaches' constant guidance, inspiration, and positive affirmations that I could achieve more than I ever imagined.

I admire the Team's support, happy times, and the opportunity to create wonderful memories that I will treasure.

The WEBHELP Training Program, one of LP4Y's partners, assisted and trained me to gain a professional job, and I am currently employed at Concentrix as a Customer Service Representative, specifically as an Advisor I Transaction Marketing Advisor, for almost a year and counting.

I can confidently state that all of my personal and professional experiences, as well as the challenges I've faced in leading the team, have shaped me into the best version of myself that I am today.

I am eternally grateful to Life Project for Youth for transforming people's lives into a brighter and more colorful future and for making them better people. I don't think I'll ever be able to thank them enough, but I'll do my best to share my experiences and transmit my knowledge in order to inspire the next generation of TDC Cagayan de Oro Youth.

Finally, my message to everyone is that you alone, and no one else, have the power to transform your life. Nothing is impossible, and you are free to dream. Simply begin with yourself, plan one step at a time, and remember that God has better plans for you. Fighting, and TOGETHER WE CAN !


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