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It is impossible not to do something for them!

Swathi Sheela muthu, 17 years old, Management Step - Vinitha Ganessa, 17 years old, Management Step - Divya Lingam, 19 years old, Management Step - Bharathi Manikandan, 18 years old, Management Step - Nitharna Balasubramani,18 years old, Management Step

Life Project Center Chennai, India

The situation in Kannagi Nagar is very complicated for everybody. Even if there is no case of Covid-19 (that we know of) here, most people have lost their job and they don’t have money to buy food or water.

The shops are closed after 1pm.

People who have a ration card received 1000INR but a lot of families don’t have one.

We have decided to help the community : every morning, we go to the rationshops to help the police with the security. We make sure people respect the distance and we arrange the line.

In the afternoon, we work on a survey: We go to meet people in their buildings to know if they have ration cards and where the most vulnerable people are.

For us, it is important to help because Kannagi Nagar is a very poor area. The people who are suffering the most (disable people, widows, senior citizens, mothers) are our neighbors and we know them! For us, it is impossible to not do something for them!

Some of us want to become nurses or want to be doctor assistants because helping others is the most important !

Also, if we make sure that people respect the rules, the crisis will be over soon!

Swathi, Nitharna, Vinitha, Bharathi, Divya


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