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I can definitely do anything !

Nesahar Khatun - Green Village West Bengal
Nesahar Khatun - Green Village West Bengal

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nesahar Khatun, I am from Bauria Howrah. I am a graduate from Uluberia College in this recent year of 2022. I am from a poor family and my father is the only source of income for the family. After graduation I wanted to find a job because I saw my father works hard every day for us and it motivates me a lot to find a decent job. I thought that I can work to support my family and myself. But I don’t know where to start and how to start.

Then, I heard about green village from an NGO and I felt very interested, that it runs a professional training for 3 month and it develops our skills and knowledge so that we can groom us professionally and find a decent job. That’s why I wanted to come at Green Village but my family did not allow me at first because in Green Village we have to stay at night for the 3 months, but I wanted to come at Green Village. So first I convinced my mother but my father didn’t like it, so we didn’t talk to each other for one week, but I tried again and again to convince my father, at last he understood my points and he was convinced.

After that I come to Green Village for the professional training to find a job. When I first come to the Green Village, I felt so nervous because this is my first time to come out from the family but at Green Village everyone supported me so much that now I feel very motived. Every day, I learnt so many new things like professional behaviour, Work in a company, Ecology, Environment, Sustainability also using computer, spoken English etc. After 3 months when I will leave Green Villagen I will be very motivated that I can do anything what I want to. All I have to do is try, if I try something new I can learn new things and also trust myself then I can definitely do anything.

Thank you !



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