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Get to know Chaima Lagha from the Green Village Lebanon!

Chaima Lagha shares her journey at LP4Y after finishing three months in the Green Village Lebanon.

Chaima Lagha, Green Village Lebanon

Hello, my name is Chaima Lagha. I am 20 years old. I would like to share with you my testimony and my experience during these three months in the Green Village in Lebanon.

Before I joined the GV team, I was very lost in life. I lost my father when I was 13 years old and it really affected me. I struggled to live and it always felt like surviving. It got worse when I reached university. I no longer knew what I wanted. I changed my major twice in two years which made me lose a lot of time. It affected my mental health a lot because to live without a goal, a will, a dream and seeing your friends achieve their goals while you are still "below zero" hurts and breaks you inside rather than the frustrations you hear that you aren't good enough.

Three months ago, my friend told me about LP4Y and the program. At the beginning I hesitated and received some rejections from my surroundings. But two days before the starting of the program I took to decision to join and to do something daring for myself for the first time, knowing that maybe this is an opportunity for me so I joined not caring about anyone's opinion.. I didn't know much about the program, I started my journey barely speaking English with a lot of strangers, an organized system, a new environment.. Everything seemed scary to me at first..until I got to know the girls, the coaches, understood how the system works which gave me more clarity in what I wanted.

In less than a month I met 17 new people, became the first youth leader which encouraged and motivated me further. I started working in the bank company as the finance and accounting officer, I started running my own business. I started valuing time, the responsibilities I had, I started to like having a day full with no wasted time. This was my second achievement but I was still confused about my future. Whenever I was asked about what you want to become I had a different answer. The fact that I gave speeches and spoke in front of a lot of people made me realize that I want to work in media and become a social journalist united by people's voice. This became my passion and finally I entered the job search with full motivation. Yes..I can do it!

Finally I thank the LP4Y team, the Catalysts, my friends and family and all the people who helped me in this big achievement in starting a new life.

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