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General Electrics's Talent Week in Lebanon

General Electric and the TDC Beirut participated in the 3rd edition of the Talent Week! The Talent Week is an event organized by GE employees and LP4Y, where GE employees spend an entire week to accompany the Youth for building an entire project. This year, everything was led digitally.

The challenge of the week was for the Youth from Lebanon to create a training related to computers as attractive as possible, which they will give to their community.

TDC Beirut team members

Elisa, Responsibility step, TDC Beirut


I am Elissa Ali, I am 19 years old and I live in a Bourj Hammoud.

I learned to class grade 9 and stopping school because my grade were not enough.

I am from Syria but I didn't live in it and I don’t know what’s in it. I was born in Lebanon and also my mother is from Lebanon.

I worked as a sales woman before and in a jewelry store. I worked for a month and then stopped because the money was not enough.

When I was at home I had no dream and now I have a dream and projects future.

Then Tarik and Charlotte told me about LP4Y center. I love and get used to the center and to the girls and catalysts.

In the center I learn English and also computer. Sometimes we look at companies. I like that in the center we treat each other and we help each other.

I love everything here and more catalysts.

Thank you.

Jennifer Al Maalouf, Responsibility step, TDC beirut

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am 19 years old. I am from Lebanon, I live in Dekwaneh with my family.

I study for grade 9. My hobbies are swimming and reading.

This is my testimony about my experience in LP4Y.

I stopped school because I didn’t have the money to continue my studies. I stayed at home for 3 years and I was bored because I was doing nothing. I heard about LP4Y from a friend of my cousin. I took the number and I decided to join LP4Y 1 month ago.

When I entered LP4Y I felt I was unique, and now I feel like I have a second family with a team and they make me feel normal and happy and also motivated all day. I learned a lot of things. I improved my English more and I have more confidence to speak English in public. I learn about computers and how to use them, and how to work in a team . I learned how to give training for customers. After I was in LP4Y for 1 month I changed my attitude and team spirit.

Maha Fnash, Management step, TDC Beirut


My name is Maha Fnash. I am 24 years old and I am from Syria. I live in Beirut.

I studied nursing at university for 3 years. My hobbies are writing stories, reading, travelling and helping people. This is my testimony about my experience in LP4Y.

I stopped my studies at the university because of the war in Syria. Then I came to Lebanon and got married. I stayed home for 7 months.

I heard from my friends about an NGO called LP4Y. I started my program in LP4Y. I was very excited and motivated to improve my English and gain more experience about work life. Now I have been here for 5 months.

I improve my English, my computer skills, I learn how to be professional and how to find a job. I like doing company visit, mock interview, working with a team and working on the MEI.

Marie-Rose, TDC Beirut


My name is Marie-Rose Al Maalouf, I’m 22 years old, I’m from Lebanon and I live in Dekwaneh. I study to grade 5 and after a while stay at home.

My hobbies are drawing, traveling, swimming and exploring the world. This is my testimony about my experience in LP4Y.

I came to LP4Y to improve my English and computer skills.

In LP4Y, I learn how to be professional in my life and in my work, and I learn new things to achieve my dreams to become a nurse.

I am good at teamwork because I practice during projects in LP4Y.

Nadine, Responsibility step, TDC Beirut

Hello, my name is Nadine, I’m 19 years old,I live in bourj Hammoud and I came to LP4Y to improve my English and computer skills and after 3 months I improved.

In LP4Y, I learned how to communicate with people because before I was a shy girl, and how to be professional in my job and also in my life.

With LP4Y we find an internship for 2 weeks to have a new experience. After LP4Y, I want to find a job to save money to achieve my dream job.

Rafka, TDC Beirut


My name is Rafka Al Maalouf. I am 19 years old and I am from Lebanon. I live in Nabaa. I’m in a responsible step. My hobbies are swimming, dancing and cooking.

My professional experience are: Hotel institute and Hair style. I also followed Computer training for 6 months. I came to LP4Y because I want to improve my English. I want to make a goal and walk on it.

My target job is cashier. My dream job is to become a photographer. I learned how to work at attendance, registration and mobilization.

I improve my English and I speak English fifty fifty. I want to continue my studies and I want to study photography.

Rahaf, Management step, TDC beirut


My name is Rahaf, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Syria. Now I have been living in Lebanon for 10 years. I was studying in Adventist Learning Center (ALC) I reached grade 9 and I stopped because in this school when you reach grade 9 you can’t continue because there is not enough space. I stayed at home for 2 years and I was doing nothing but after that my mom told me about LP4Y and I was surprised because I was living in this building 2 years ago.

I will be talking about my experience before LP4Y and in LP4Y.

Before LP4Y I worked as a saleswomen and assistant and translator for school and after the school closed I stayed at home doing nothing. When I joined LP4Y I was not confident enough and I felt shy but after a while I gain more self confidence and now I can talk in front of people without being nervous. This is what I learned in LP4Y: to believe in myself and nothing can stop me if I have the will and the motivation to achieve my dream.

Ranine, TDC beirut

My name is Ranine, I’m 20 years old and I’m motivated to learn and get more experience, also a fast learner, hard worker, professional , highly organized, excellent communicator, and an inventive person.

The shift of my last job as a receptionist, was too long and exhausting. I had to work 12 hours a day, from 9:00 to 9:00, and not only I was doing the receptionist work, but also I had to do a lot of things that aren’t really my responsibility as a receptionist. For example, I had to fix personal affairs, check the cleaning work, if something got ruined I had to call the specialist and make sure everything will get fixed, I had to check the expired date of the products in the store, order and receive goods. I just lasted a month, the job was exhausting and it was really a bad experience.

When I found out that LP4Y is helping young ladies like me to know how to look for a job and helping improve their English and computer skills, I immediately wanted to join because I had to stop my studies due to a problem in the school. I came to improve my skills, to learn how to look for a job, how to be professional at work and how to get more job opportunities.

After LP4Y, I would like to try as many jobs as I can to know more about business. But of course, before accepting a job I have to know the tasks I have to do, the job should have acceptable working hours and a good salary. After that, I would like to open my own small business.

Nour, TDC Beirut

Hello everyone, now I will talk about my experience in life and in LP4Y.

My name is Nour Ellouche. I am 19 years old. I live in Bourj Hammoud in Beirut with my family, which consists of my father, mother and three young brothers. I am the only girl in the family.

Before I entered LP4Y I was studying psychology, but then I got to know

LP4Y and entered the team. I was worried at first.

I did not adapt to everyone here. But the coaches, and the team treated me well. It did not take time to adapt to them, and now I cannot imagine my life without them. Just in order to learn English, Iknow that I do not speak English correctly, but I do my best to learn, and I have learned a lot from them. Now for me, my life has become easier. I successfully passed the Autonomy step and entered the Responsibility step, and I had to do an internship. I had a very nice job and I was a secretary with Doctor and everyone at work was great with me. My task was to organize appointments for the customers. And I felt then that I was lucky because I got to know LP4Y and got more excited to work because I will be in the Management step after I finish my internship. Yes and now I am in the Management step and now I dream that I am and you are successful as coaches. And I dream of achieving. I would like to say a special thanks to Tarik and Celia because they helped me a lot to reach this stage. I also thank Charlotte, who is not with us now, but I miss her so much and she trusted my abilities a lot. I also want to thank LP4Y. Thank you for listening to me.


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