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Fostering Change Through Collaboration: LP4Y Chennai and Dance Extreme

The dynamic partnership between LP4Y Training and Development Center in Chennai and Dance Extreme, created by Natraj, started in 2020, when the shared vision of empowering Youth through dance first brought them together. It started off with Natraj's simple philosophy that everyone can dance.

Since then, this partnership has flourished, driven by a collective commitment to community development. Through a diverse array of activities, from regular workshops to special events, Natraj and his studio, Dance Extreme have woven themselves into the fabric of Kannagi Nagar, leaving a lasting impact on its residents.

Dance extreme workshop in Kannagi Nagar

Natraj and Dance Extreme

International standard dancer known for his choreography, teaching prowess, and creative direction, Natraj is the driving force of Dance Extreme Studio in Chennai. With a passion for using dance as a tool for social change, Natraj has been instrumental in forging partnerships and creating opportunities for Youth empowerment. Dance Extreme has become a beacon of creativity and inclusivity in the local dance scene, inspiring both aspiring dancers and seasoned professionals alike.

Natraj in his dance studio

Best dance academy in India

Natraj and Dance Extreme recently garnered acclaim as Natraj was honored with the prestigious Pride India Awards. This recognition, partly attributed to their collaboration with LP4Y Chennai, celebrates their dedication to Dance Extreme's social initiatives, empowering Youth through dance. Dance Extreme was hailed as the best dance academy in India for its commitment to initiatives such as regular workshops with LP4Y, engagements with Government Observation Homes in Tamil Nadu, guest lectures about dance as a powerful changing tool in the society, and his choreographies that carry social messages. This accolade not only highlights his excellence in dance education but also underscores their significant contribution to

Social change.

Natraj with the Pride India award

Empowering LP4Y's Young Women

One of the most profound impacts of the collaboration between LP4Y and Dance Extreme is evident in the transformation of the young women participating in LP4Y's programs. Through dance workshops and engagements facilitated by Natraj, these young women have found a platform for self-expression, confidence-building, and personal growth. From initially shy and hesitant individuals, they have blossomed into empowered dancers, showcasing their talents with pride and joy.

Ophélie, Coach at the TDC Chennai

“I have seen poignant moments of empowerment, such as a shy participant flourishing into a confident dancer and a group of reserved young women finding their voice through dance.”

Natraj, founder of Dance Extreme

"This empowerment not only enriches the lives of these individuals but also resonates throughout the Kannagi Nagar community, inspiring others to embrace their potential and pursue their dreams."

The Future of Collaboration

Looking ahead, the collaboration between LP4Y and Dance Extreme holds immense potential for further impact and growth. Both organizations envision an evolution marked by deeper engagement, expanded outreach, and innovative programming.


“As a coach at LP4Y, working closely with the young women in our program, I see immense potential in our collaboration with Dance Extreme. Through this partnership, I expect our participants to not only refine their dance skills but also to experience profound personal growth. I anticipate that they will gain confidence, develop a sense of empowerment, and discover new avenues for self-expression. Moreover, I believe that this collaboration will provide our participants with valuable opportunities for community engagement and leadership development. Ultimately, I envision our young women emerging from this collaboration as empowered individuals, equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate life's challenges and pursue their aspirations with determination and resilience.”


"As the Youth continue to harness the transformative power of dance, their collective efforts are poised to create lasting change and empower generations to come."



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