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Albane Pournin

25 yo

Coach in Raipur


I had never realized so deeply before the beauty and the true sense of changing.

When I say changing, I embrace both aspects of change; The one which is external related to life, and the one concerning our own self.

Nonetheless, when I refer to change about our Self, I find more exact, fair to speak about an evolution, a deepening, bringing by life changes.

Changing is always a learning experience, a life lesson. Sometimes, it is a small one we don’t even take into awareness. Sometimes, it is a bigger one, the kind which forces you to notice and face it.

Whatever is the change, whatever it seems to us positive or negative (this time again this is only a question of mental perception), whatever we had expected or not, change embodied the main door for growing.

At one condition : as from the moment we greet and embrace it without any resistance.

I share my vision of change because changing of change consideration fully changed my way to live, in such a deeper peace.

Because I realized that since the moment we consider a change as something here, happening, stopping fighting against it and letting space for it to exist, this will always appear as an opportunity to grow. An occasion of transformation, evolution at least.

Change brings us inspiration. It opens new doors, the ones we would have sometimes never opened by ourselves.

Change questions our balance, our certitudes, and awakes some hidden things inside us that we even ignored before.

It gives us the chance to access ourselves in an unexpected way, to have a deeper understanding of who we are, who we choose to be.

In my opinion, nothing is more stimulating than questioning our balance. This pushes us to cope with new situations, face new emotions, and sometimes take new life decisions.

An occasion to take a new look at oneself and to rebuild our equilibrium on meaningful solid bases.

The bases that will allow us not to fear the unknown future, not to get lost.

Change is the time to step back, and to be all the more eager to develop a steady peace as it is unexpected and constantly happening.

The last time I thought about the benefits of change was when I moved to Mumbai last June.

It’s definitely not a case in point, a life change, a striking one, but it’s the freshest I experienced.

In Raipur, I was fully dedicating my time to the follow up of the Youth, something that keeps me able to maintain a close contact with them (all coaches perfectly know that even if the distanced follow up was challenging, it makes us all the more impatient to see them again in real).

I was dreaming about seeing them all again in GV for the job search session. All these Youth to meet again, or even for some to meet physically for the very first time. Indeed, batch 1,2,3,4,5, there were so many youth I had never met before and with whom I was discovering the coaching by distance, different ways to learn to know and listen to them.

When I was told about Mumbai, I knew I was leaving for 3 months so I will miss this job search session which seemed to me as an “achievement” of all this follow up.

Strangely, it took me a very short time to feel released and even excited to leave.

For sure, the fact I was also joining my beloved pregnant friend to help her with the Youth and the fact there was a real need for coaching, makes the leaving quite fast and easy.

But deeply inside me, I knew that my excitation was about change.

However, I didn't feel like I needed or wanted any change at that time. I was enjoying my routine so much during the lockdown. Meditation, yoga, dance, writing, bouddhist personal development sessions, time spent and shared with my GV team, were largely enough to keep me in full energy, creativity, and motivation.

But as from the moment I came to mumbai, I realize that it has been even better not to expect the change, and welcome it at the moment I didn’t expect it to come.

I realized quickly during my first week that I had a new enthusiasm, a fresh mindset, a will to reinvent my routine.I understood that the unexpected came maybe at the perfect time, maybe just before I started to need it and develop some expectations.

Since three months I have been here, my “pillars” remain the same : meditate, dance, yoga, without forgetting the roommates sharing time (as the big brunch sessions or the week-ends full of oats and delicious homemade bread).

But they have undoubtedly a different taste, a different flavour. Not in a sense of comparison, better or not better, but in a sense of authenticity.

Change is this thing that keeps us feeling alive, and sounds like a reminder for self-awareness.



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