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Catalyst of Joy: Acceptance

Jyoti BK, 23yo, Management Step

Green Village Kathmandu, Nepal

My experience with LP4Y has been really amazing and learningful. It was for 3.5 months but it couldn’t complete because of the crisis. It is disappointing for us not to continue the training but also we have to accept the situation and I accept it positively because it is not in our hands to do anything about this situation. All we can do is stay at home and stay safe. First priority is our health, if we are healthy then we can do any tasks later and we can handle any situation or problem like we are doing during this crisis. The center had to close but we are still working on our Life Project Plan. It is not every day easy but we are accepting the situation and try to help each other. We don’t have to be frustrated about having problems or difficulties in our life. Life has many circumstances like happy, sad, enjoyable, failure, success etc. We need to handle any circumstances that come in our life. So, Accept and Be positive!

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