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One month to dive into the Green Village pedagogy in Nepal

LP4Y from New York to Nepal

Distributing pre-ordered croissants to neighbours in the morning, participating in the prominent LP4Y Galas, assisting in the notorious “White Parties”, promoting the Together We Art partnership with artists, and holding high-school wide assemblies with LP4Y founders and coaches were amongst the activities that the LP4Y club at the French American School of New York was involved in. This is how I first engaged with LP4Y.

Indeed, the LP4Y Alliance in the USA leverages all those that care and are eager to join the LP4Y movement, and from the youngest age high school students are encouraged to participate in fundraising and awareness activities either alongside parents or through their own initiatives. Already seduced by LP4Y at the time, I was bedazzled when, 4 years after graduating high school but never being too far from LP4Y, I had the privilege to go on the field to the LP4Y Green Village in Godawari, Nepal. Being immersed in the Green Village pedagogy has far surpassed all the already high expectations I had of LP4Y. Here is what truly stood out to me.

The learning by doing approach in action

First, what really stood out to me was to see the LP4Y learning by doing approach in action. Mornings start with a professional handshake in company uniform, an energizer, a public announcement of the news, a roundtable of the daily tasks by micro-companies, a discussion on business mantras, and then the Youth split into their micro-company teams, ready for a day of work. The Green Village holds 4 micro-companies: Restaurant, Digital Center, Events, and Sustainable Development, each consisting of different positions (HR, Finance officer, communication officer, team leader…).

One event that really touched me was the graduation event. On top of being a truly inspiring moment, it is also one that perfectly encapsulates how the micro-companies work together in the LP4Y “learning by doing” approach:

“For a graduation event happening every month, Event Micro-Company team members will prepare speeches in English, will order beverages from the Restaurant company, will ask the Digital Center to print certificates and buy frames… Of course, everything needs to be billed, quotations are to be made, professional invitations and emails are sent, and everything is to be photographed and reported in weekly reports, newsletters, social media accounts, and business presentations.”

I was so impressed to see to what extent the girls do everything by themselves, working as a team to reach that common goal and distributing tasks. This is just a single joyful example, but alongside mock interviews conducted by partners, weekly guidance done by coaches, handovers of positions, English classes, and all the tasks that need to be fulfilled in each micro-company, these women truly learn how to work with each other, build public speaking skills, promote their confidence, and learn how the business world works, all in a practical way. This all makes the Youth ready to autonomously find jobs and succeed in their positions.

The strength of the LP4Y ecosystem

Second, all of this would not be possible without the entire LP4Y ecosystem. This ranges from HR to the brilliant coaches they recruit, including the pedagogy team that guides coaches, the partnership team, the leaders, the local partners and the list goes on. Compared to other more sporadic NGOs, LP4Y is truly organized.

Each person implicated in the project has a specific role that makes them excel at it, and this is reflected in the rapid development of the Youth. It was truly admirable and inspiring to see such passion at all levels of the ecosystem, whether it be internally, in partnerships locally and globally, where everyone is so determined in fighting for Youth inclusion together.

The motivating environment and the brave women that take part

Lastly, I could not talk about the beauty of LP4Y without talking about the determined and smart women that take part in this project. Having seen both a new batch and a batch graduating, you truly see the difference in confidence levels, in English, in public speaking, in sharing knowledge and in autonomy that all the Youth gain after a short 3 months. The smile, determination, and shine in the STARs (LP4Y alumni), is also so inspiring and truly makes you want to partake.

Testimonies of those graduating the program, whether it be during job search to inspire the batch entering in the professional world or those done in front of the Ministry of Luxembourg during his visit, have been more than inspiring and truly open your eyes to how LP4Y is here to bring out the spark already in each Youth. Overall, I am beyond grateful for having been on the field, I am now more than ever eager to not only pursue supporting LP4Y, but also replicate all the energy, smiles, and bravery I have seen in the Youth and all the LP4Y ecosystem into my future endeavours to also have a positive impact on this world.

I strongly encourage all those who can to partake in the Travel to Grow program to see the beauties of LP4Y and its members on the field and keep on supporting this incredible project that truly deserves to grow and be replicated because: Together We Can!

Elise Descamps,

after visiting Nepal Green Village for one month

A season's time change, poem by Elise Deschamps



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