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Back from the field

Jeanne Crepelle, former India Country Coordinator, shares her experience on the field and how it deeply transformed her!

Jeanne Crépelle, Country Coordinator, India

It’s been one month and a half since I came back to France. And yet, I still have trouble realizing that this two-year chapter of my life with LP4Y is over. Actually, it is not over. Everything is just beginning as this experience deeply changed who I am.

The story of each and every Youth I met and accompanied in those two years of mission surely left a mark on me. I remain truly touched by their capacity of resilience and their will to always move forward. I was amazed by Asia’s diverse forms of beauty (populations, cultures, religions, landscapes, colors, smells, flavours…), and I am sure to come back one day to Nepal, the Philippines or India where I felt so warmly welcomed.

I also feel transformed by the incredible people I met and the moments I shared with them. I feel lucky and fulfilled by those amazing friendships.

I truly believe in LP4Y’s actions in favor of the Youth, and I am now sure I want to keep fighting for inclusion and be part of projects making sense.

I feel happy, and proud of my path at LP4Y through the responsibilities I assumed and the challenges I overcame. I feel stronger than ever with the experience in mind.

This adventure as a volunteer allowed me to build and enrich my professional project, as it enabled me to understand what I always wanted to do: offer my services to others, fight against exclusion, work with the unprivileged Youth, live intercultural and international experiences, assume responsibilities, manage my personal and professional time, overcome myself, teamworking, trust myself, better handle my stress and priorities, live within a community, going back to a simpler life, develop new skills, put my listening and analysis skills into practice, feel useful… A lot of big words making sense and resonating with my mission. I feel like LP4Y met my expectations of all sorts, and even beyond.

Being India’s country coordinator made me realize how valuable and important commitment was for me. I sometimes surprised myself, being so committed and pushing my limits while listening to my needs. I learned to communicate and say things when it is necessary, but also to adapt to difficult situations (lockdown, distanced pedagogy, crisis). A lot of challenges! Yet this investment was worth it: I did it not only because I was truly convinced that the LP4Y project was worthwhile, but also because of the Youth themselves. Everything was possible thanks to teamwork (#TogetherWeCan). I had never felt like this before in the professional world.

I came out fully happy and grateful of this experience, which wasn’t at all a bracket in my life. I now want to find a new project where I’ll be able to grow and blossom while using what I learned on the field with LP4Y.

Going on a solidarity mission means coming out of your comfort zone and ordinary lifestyle while meeting amazing people from around the world.



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