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Akanksha Singh, first step as an LP4Y Mentor

Akanksha Singh shares about her new mission as mentor for the Star 4 Youth new programme of mentorship!

Akanksha Singh, Training & Development Center Sangam Vihar, Delhi, India


My name is Akanksha Singh. I am president of the Stars club and now mentor for the Youth since the beginning of this this project. I was feeling so glad to work on this project - This project is really amazing because it take you hand by hand and teaches you a lot of thing for example: Enhance development , networking opportunities, problem solving, knowledge transfer, becoming recognized as an adviser, gaining new perspective, validating the mentor 's leadership skills, finding new talent and skills in yourself, being more patient, respecting individuality. My main goal associated with this project is to give guidance, motivation and find the right direction for my mentee to succeed for her future goals.

When I started this project it was a little difficult for me but day by day after knowing each other we understood each other and we both improved our communication skills and also we created an open and supportive climate for discussion between us. I love this project it's gaining experiences and provide us constructive feedback and advice.

My mentee name is Tejaswini Singh. She is very active, supportive and responsible so i enjoyed her company. She give respect to my valuable time and she appreciate my work. This project teach us a lot of thing.

Thank you.


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