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What is my MEI? Raising awareness in the community on women health!

Meet the Super Women in Malwani, being trained first about Women Health and then handovering their knowledge to the community

TDC Malwani, Care 4 Change, Mumbai, India

What is my MEI?

Ans: My MEI Periods training

Why do we do it?

Ans:Because in India some women do not know what is the period, what we should do : what we should eat and how we should live. We give more knowledge about periods.

Where we do it?

Ans:We are trained online, Vanessa gave us online training and Sugandha also gave us two training inside the center and one more training inside the center. We want now to give training outside of the center.

What are your challenges ?

Ans : Our challenges are to do trainings outside in big companies and for their collaborator to get more answers during survey, to be experts about periods topic, to get all the new youth to have the knowledge about periods and to feel comfortable in the team.

Why do you like to do it ?

Ans : Because it is important to have knowledge about periods we feel that it is useful, we have the opportunity to speak in front of a lot of people and it builds our self-confidence, the topic of periods is very important for all girls and women, because we can meet a lot of different trainers from everywhere to help us

How does it help you to improve yourself ?

Ans : We feel more confident to speak in front of a lot of people, we have more knowledge about our body and we help other women to know more about it so we feel proud of our work

Video :

Trainers : Vanessa Siverls - CEO at BU Periods

Sugandha - Founder of EcoFemme.

The Youth from Care 4 Change Team !



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