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What is mutual aid?

Marjorie Dominquez, 18yo, Management Step - Rachelle Cayangan, 18yo, Management Step

Joeny Credo,17yo, Management Step - Ryben Cambal, 18yo, Management Step

Stephanie Deladia, 20yo, Responsibility Step - Mark Sameniada, 17yo, Autonomy Step

Jashen Mae Cartagena, 22 yo, Responisibility Step

Deco'Me Program, Green Village Calauan, Philippines.

What is for you Mutual Aid ?

Mutual aid is a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. It is one of the characteristics of social group work. Ryben

This mutual aid is a kind of concern that make people proud of it. Jashen Mae

For me this mutual aid is arrangement made between nations to assist each other Marjorie

It is helping others without waiting for something in exchange. Mark

Can you describe how you can see mutual aid between people during this crisis around you?

Mutual aid between people is very important but it is not easy for some people because they are lacking of supplies. So some of the people who has a lot of supplies can help them also and so as the government. Helping each other can boost people to trust each other. Ryben

We see that the government are planning a way and working to distribute the relief goods and help for the people. Marjorie

Mutual aid is concretely sharing alcohol or sanitizer to make sure that droplet transmission is dis infected. Joeny

As an example, my auntie is sharing some canned foods to our neighbor. Rachelle

Think of something you can do to help prevent the crisis around you

Helping each other and sharing. Rachelle

Be far from anything or any people you are talking to. And stay at home also. Joeny

Wear a mask and wash our hands all the time. Stephanie

Don't ignore the rules,it is for us to our body health and stay doing a social distancing and cover a mouth and nose if you are cough and sneezing. Marjorie


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