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Volunteering in Home2Home

Aarti Nimalkar, 23 yo, Batch 2

Green Village Raipur, India

Aarti, a Star of the GV Raipur, shares with us her experience as a volunteer for the Home2Home project, an initiative led by LP4Y GV Raipur in partnership with Integrated Volunteer Network in India (IVN) to implement a volunteering program. 10 Stars are part of it and aim to raise awareness about Covid-19, to be a link to families in their communities and if necessary to facilitate the communication & coordination for emergency support.

I am Aarti Nimalkar from Dongargarh. I live in Bhaisra.

I have joined the Home2Home project to help the people and neighbours and families in need because I like social work.

Home2Home project was doing volunteer work for Covid-19 : to share knowledge about how to be safe and protect others, and more important to help everyone who needs ration, & share knowledge by documents and from explanations from volunteers etc. What I like in the project is helping each needed person however we can. I learned how to help everyone who wants or needs our help in future situations.



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