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The key is to never give up and to keep learning on our every failure.

Mariechu, a Star of TDC Tondo, shares her experience as part of the Stars club!

Mariechu Peralta, Support Project Manager of Stars Club in the Philippines

Good day everyone,

I am Mariechu Peralta, a former Youth of Bloom program, one of the previous programs here at the Tondo Training Development Center.

I am currently working for LP4Y as the Support Project Manager of Stars Club Philippines and the Star digital Catalyst of the Philippines, Stars Club is a group of Youths who finished the PTE (the Professional Training for Entrepreneurs in LP4Y) and now have to face the real world, outside the Training Development Centers.

As their main contact I am helping them to find a decent job, guiding them with their job search , creating events to make a connection between LP4Y and to their fellow stars, giving them some advices professionally and emotionally, yes I am also sometimes giving them some advices and motivations when they are encountering some problematic situations in their life but I am only doing it when they are willing to open it up with me and I am also searching for possible partners that can give them job, trainings and internships.

And as of the moment I am currently focusing on creating events for the stars and creating some projects to empower them because in the past 2 years we are a bit in a pause due to the pandemic. I know that I should make the stars club active again. Because the stars club is a great help to all of the stars, in this organization they can find a lot of ways and motivation to reach their dreams.

I am here to accompany them because I know that we can suddenly feel stress when we don't find a job or when we feel lost because of the an expected circumstances. This is never easy but the key is to never give up and to keep learning on our every failure.

Thanks and I hope I inspire you to help the Stars Club to reach more achievements and innovation in the future.


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