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The Home2Home volunteering initiative

Manoj Kr Dash,

CEO of IVN (Integrated Volunteer Network),


Integrated Volunteers Network (IVN) and Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) have jointly implemented Home2Home Volunteering in Raipur, Chhattisgarh State of India. 12 volunteers took responsibility of volunteering from their Home to 30 Homes (families) from their community of concern to facilitate emergency communication & coordination during the lockdown period to fight against COVID19. Objective was to integrate the voluntary power of India in fighting against the COVID19 through Home2Home volunteering services over digital platforms for proper and effective communication and emergency aid.

Major Responsibilities were : spreading authentic and vernacular communications on COVID 19 to the target families and reduce rumors and fake news, sharing the Helpline numbers for COVID 19 & important services, ensuring that safety guidelines are being followed by the targeted families, helping in taking the emergency call from the targeted families to support for their health and food requirements, enabling the targeted family to assess common interactive platforms from their Home and help them to find better ways to engage during homestay and documenting the memories of targeted families.

It was initiated with online registration of 12 volunteers. Volunteers were trained online and they completed an Online Certificate Course. Everyday authentic and vernacular communication was sent in H2HV Whatsapp group. Further those messages were disseminated to concerned families. Emergency health care and food service were provided by national core team from whomsoever request was raised. More than 100 families were registered online using google form. Volunteers had series of interactions and discussions with registered families. Family Engagement tools and indicators helped strengthen family bond and enhanced relationship. Each weekend there were regular discussions with the H2HVolunteers to listen to their inspiring actions, ground zero happenings, needs and planning for the next week.

Special feature of volunteer were their committed effort in spreading message in their localities, distribution of dry ration from panchayat and distribution of dry ration from FreeRationDiya etc.

All the volunteers' effort will be recognized with certificate and further best volunteers will be felicitated during India Volunteer Day Award Ceremony. Their stories will be published in Voice of India Volunteer monthly newsletter.

IVN would like to sincerely thank Pauline and the 12 volunteers for their commendable volunteering effort. IVN always believes in the philosophy that collaboration helps in better implementation of programs at the grass root level as we leverage on strength on each other. It was wonderful to collaborate with LP4Y and I am looking forward for more such collaborative work in future.



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