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Thank You to all the LP4Y Catalysts

Dear Catalyst

To All

Catalyst or all coach of LP4Y for being very strong-support for us

Hello to all I am Neeraj Kumar President of LP4Y Sangam Vihar Star Club with the help of the Board team of Sangam Vihar Star Club LP4Y (Lovely as Vice-President, Ravindra as Secretary and Santhiya as a Treasurer) and also from all Star’s we all want to say something to all coaches.

Dear All Coaches I want to say Thank you to all my dear coaches in the world who are working in different countries and cities. Also, they are working in different ways like as a Coach, as a project leader, country coordinator, partners leading team, Youth 4 Change Network, and also to companies and people who are giving donations for us to everyone because in the big Crisis time you all are doing Amazing jobs for all youths of the LP4Y we all think that we all are very lucky because we are part of LP4Y. You all are making sure that in this very difficult time students can not lost anything by knowledge team spirit and most important thing hope and there Smiles I think that's why you made One amazing learning app I am also using this app and this is very nice I am really thankful for this because I am also learning lots of things for the app and improving my vocabulary.

This time all are facing problems and thanking for themselves only but you all are thinking for all youths Stars of LP4Y and taking the information to get to know that all youths are in a good situation or not so for that I want to Appreciate to all of you. Now I want to Appreciate again to everyone and coaches also for working for the youths and for Starts too in this crisis time to giving Allowances and some saving outs to needed youths and also give training and making some training and homework for Youth because they can not forget English skills and also understand the value of LP4Y Thought I CAN’T BUT TOGETHER WE CAN

Thank you Dear Coaches (Neeraj Kumar)


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