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Story of Sasha Khadro, Photo contest

The TDC of Beyrouth recently organized a Photo contest between the Youth. Sasha, Autonomy Step in the center, shares her thoughts about it!

Sasha Khadro, TDC Beyrouth, Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon


My name is Sasha Khadro, I live in Beirut, Bourj Hammoud. I'm 22 years old.

I joined LP4Y on 11 August 2021, and I'm in Autonomy Step.

Before coming to LP4Y I worked as a video editor for 3 years: 2 years in a company. It was one of the best experiences for me because I learned a lot about editing.

Then, I worked as a freelancer for one year. It was more difficult to have a rhythm and it taught me to manage my time while staying motivated.

After my friend told me about this NGO. I was curious, I visited the center with him to check-it out and I liked the program so I decided to join LP4Y.

When I saw the catalysts from France, I told myself that it will be a challenge for me to speak with them and to learn new skills only in english.

At LP4Y I learned many things. First day of joining LP4Y, there was computer training, for example. I learned how to make a budget slip.

I also learned English. Before coming to LP4Y I didn’t know how to speak English well because at school I was french educated.

Then I started watching movies and listening to music in English to start learning by myself.

After coming to LP4Y I practiced more English, and in the center I tried to speak with my friends and coaches so I improved a lot ! I also learned how to communicate with people well and how to behave professionally. And now i feel more confident to speak in english and to take more initiatives.

When the catalysts told us that LP4Y was organizing a photo contest for the recruitment campaign, I had an idea to use my skills from my previous experiences for my team: photography !

I am passionate about images, pictures, portraits… I am working on my own website page to promote my work as a photographer and for video Editor.

LP4Y encouraged me and let me take professional pictures for the team and catalyst.I'm so happy to improve my creative skills !

I brought my camera and did like 2h shootings, I listened to the request of my coaches and I led the team to produce the best pictures together...a day full of beautiful moments.

At the end of the shooting, my team told me that they loved my pictures and asked me to be responsible for the photographs of all the events of the center like graduations and many more.

I loved this experience so much and I was so happy that they loved the result. It was a big challenge for me to lead and organise a long day taking pictures for all the youth and catalysts. I hope to do it again soon. Thank you to my coaches for trusting me and giving me the chance to apply my skills in a professional situation.


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